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Review of the academic support website. A raw analysis of the website’s services, knowledge bank, service team, and way of interacting with clients. Benefits of using this service. Description of the tools provided by the website (Plagiarism Checker, Essay Typer, Grammar Checker, Citation Generator). General feedback on this service and overall impression. 

Free Essay Editor For All Students was developed by experienced professionals to make the studying process easier for everybody. Thousands of students worldwide use this service to step up their essay writing process. The website has a high level of quality accomplished by enormous work done by website developers, founders, and writers. Developers did their best to make the service concept clear and easy to use. This platform offers all students possibility to use online paper writing tools for free. Website instruments can drastically help you compose your papers according to your academic requirements. However, if you need help from a real writer, you can also order a paper from professional writers who work there. 

Learn more about this platform and its helpful tools.


Free writing tools

The platform provides its visitors with 4 free tools to help them write a perfect paper.


  • Essay typer. This tool will come in handy if you have a topic but feel disoriented and don’t know what to write about. It generates a body of an essay with information collected from the Internet. It lets you learn from the sample you get and enhance your knowledge of the topic. Just think about it, in a couple of seconds, you get a well-structured and relevant draft that can serve you however you want. You can either use this information in your essay or use it as a guiding point throughout the writing process and change it to your liking. 


  • Grammar Checker. Grammar mistake is the most common way to lose your essay points. You can have brilliant ideas but still get your grades spoiled by grammar errors. A profound grammar check is an essential thing to do to prevent situations like that. Still, editing your paper can be extremely tough because some mistakes can sneak into your paper without you noticing it. The team created a grammar checker to make your proofreading efficient and silky smooth. It will provide you with finding all mistakes in your paper, getting suggestions on ways of fixing errors, and getting an explanation of your mistakes, so you can learn from them and generally improve your writing. It’s easy to use for everybody. You can get your grammar check done in two simple steps.

Firstly you have to insert the text in the related field and click on the ‘Check Text’ button. There is a list of languages to choose from, so feel free to use it for papers written in other languages than English. The next step is editing. If you have no mistakes in your paper, you won’t see changes in it. However, if there are some mistakes, the grammar checker will detect them and suggest ways of fixing them. You can fix all of your errors just by clicking on them. The grammar checker has a broad database of grammar rules, so you will never have to worry about the trickiest and rarest mistakes from now on.

  • Citation generator. Formatting is by far the most boring thing to do in essay writing. However, citing and referencing are crucial, and submitting your paper with no proper formatting will get you a low grade. Moreover, the absence of correct citations or formatting can get you blamed for plagiarism, so these things are crucial to take care of. The free citation generator at PaperTyper is a game-changer for you. Using this tool, you will be able to create impeccable references within a minute. This truly outstanding tool creates references automatically. You can use it in these simple steps


  1. Find your needed sources such as books, websites, journals, etc.
  2. Select the citation style that you need. It is a set of rules according to which you have to format all your sources for an academic paper. The citation generator supports the following citation styles: Chicago style, IEEE, Turabian, APA, MLA, and Harvard.
  3. Insert the source data in the fields.
  4. Click on the “Generate Citation” button.
  5. Enjoy the results


  • Plagiarism checker. The platform has an extremely efficient tool for high-level content evaluation. This tool analyses your text for any similarities to other materials online. At the end of the process, you get a detailed plagiarism report with an exact percentage, where all sentences and passages are highlighted. It lets you check your materials and ensure that your paper meets the plagiarism requirements in a few seconds. This tool is very easy to use:


  1. Insert the text of your paper in the field.
  2. Click on the “Check” button.
  3. Get your detailed report
  4. Edit your text in case the plagiarism percentage is too high.


Are there paid services on the platform?

The website deals with an amazing variety of paper types. The company specializes in 65 types of papers that they can write. It has to be mentioned that every paper will be perfectly-written because the platform has a great number of skilled, proficient writers that can write your paper on topics such as law, art, music, and many more. Also, you are given customizable order placing. If you are not bothered with the paper specifics – go for the quick form. If you need your order to be as specific as possible – go for an extended form.


The service has years of experience. Thousands of people ordered a paper using this website, and 30 thousand kept ordering papers. The customer satisfaction rate of 4.8/5 says it all.


The platform also has a Knowledge Bank. It’s an online library that accumulates information about the rudimentary knowledge of forming academic papers. The knowledge bank functions as a system of writing rules, guides, tips, videos, graphics, and presentations for paper writing. All data is well-organized into categories and subcategories. Every piece of information that has something to do with paper writing is gathered in one place for free. The bank lets you quickly access whatever you need to know about the writing process.

Other benefits of the platform

The PaperTyper service has a developed customer support system. It is based on the interaction between the customer and the service. Every customer can reach their writer via messaging or in the customer support chat. It is a convenient way to avoid misconceptions about the ordered paper and make the whole experience as efficient as possible. In case you have a problem with your paper, or you need your writers to explain something in it – feel free to message them. 


The home page of the website has useful links listed. For now, you can read topics about Top Essay Writing Services, Top Grammar Tools, and Top Essay Checkers. Each of these topics can provide you with information about a variety of the products available online today, their pros, cons, and overall level of quality.




Taking everything into account, it is safe to say that is a terrific platform that you can use in all academic subjects. It provides high-quality services with low prices but also has numerous efficient tools that you can use for free. Regardless of your needs, abilities, or thoughts on this service, this service will make your essay way better.


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