Proper Handling of Business Relations

There is no business person who does not understand the importance of connections and acquaintances. These days, however, it is not hard to get them. It is way harder to keep these relations and make use of them correctly.

Some Recommendations for Effective Relations

  1. Never lose contact details: no matter where you meet a person, suggest exchanging contact details. Add on LinkedIn or FB, ask for a business card or in any other possible way. Not to miss any info, you can use a salesforce business card scanner or create a separate spreadsheet with all the details. It is worth adding the information on where you have met a person. This can be used to refer to when you need to approach this person in a couple of months.

2. Be always polite and almost official in the initial correspondence: indeed, nowadays people prefer to communicate simply, without additional official tones. However, there are still old-school pals who would not appreciate a too simple manner of communication. Later, you will understand the type of person you are in touch with and will be able to be less formal and more friendly.

3. Be straightforward: this means that there is no need to wait for a week to ask for a simple favor. Of course, this depends on what is needed. Avoid flattering instead of landing straight to the deal starting with a proper introduction to it.

4. Remember details: all the insignificant issues are important in reality. Pay attention to what a person is talking about, at the accessories in the office, and Facebook feed. This will help understand the interests and the type of personality. In such a way, you will be able to maintain a conversation with this person being interested in it. Everything matters, especially if you are a salesperson competing with many other companies. The more attentive you are, the more you will stand out.

5. Be always ready to make decisions: at a meeting, you may be asked for a discount or a contract signature. If you are not authorized to do this, ask your boss for this authorization. A deal may be lost if you need to wait for approval from the headquarters for a couple of days. Besides, the trust from the management will prove that you deserve attention.

These days, communication seems to become simpler and more commonplace. To some extent, it has. However, one should always remember that it is more difficult to stand out nowadays. Probably, remaining formal and attentive will help achieve this goal. Remember that information has always been the key to success. That is why all the contact details, personal data, and any other details can assist significantly when it comes to a relationship with other people.


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