Top 7 Company Websites Built with Angular

In the case of front-end development, Angular is one of the most popular frameworks to create websites and apps. Many top brands use proven best methods of Angular for their unique apps and websites. Because they are impressed by the features and performance of this JavaScript framework. This feature-rich framework was added to the JavaScript library in the year 2010 by a team at Google. It is now maintained by both Google and the community of developers and corporations that use Angular technology. 

The angular development framework is an open-source framework based on TypeScript. It became more popular after developers started using Angular in the MEAN tech stack (MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular, and Node.JS) to create mind-blowing apps and websites. This brought Angular into the spotlight which gained the attention of many tech giants. And as of today, many large enterprises are leveraging Angular to fulfill their business requirements. And in this blog, we are going to take a look at the top 10 companies that are using Angular for websites and applications. 

List of Top Websites built using Angular 


PayPal is one of the most trusted online payment gateways used by people all around the world. The company leveraged the Angular framework to build advanced security measures for their online money transaction app. Both the website and application are proven to be effective in managing real-time transactions because they are built using AngularJS framework. 

Even people who aren’t familiar with online payments systems can easily transfer their money using PayPal. It is completely safe, secure, and an extremely easy-to-use online money transfer system. Additionally, an angular tool named checkout.js allows you to complete your online money transfer within a few steps. 

PayPal also takes care that there isn’t any third-party involvement on their payment site for authentication or to view the receipts as it happens in other online payment applications. 

The Guardian

The Guardian is the UK-based daily newspaper that was launched in the year 1821. It is a very popular newspaper among the British. The massive online presence of The Guardian has made them a reputed and reliable source for information all around the world. The Guardian is one of the best angular websites in the industry. There is an abundant requirement to offer excellent readability as the newspaper is a great source of information and is read by people around the world on a daily basis. Now, this need is effectively met by the Angular framework which makes it a prime choice from the whole stack. 

Weather is a weather forecasting platform. It is one of those angular websites used by the top companies and the best thing about it – this web app is integrated with multiple geo-locations in it. Now you might be wondering what is so cool about some predictive weather forecasts? Well, Weather isn’t limited to it, they provide daily live broadcasts, news, accompanying factoids, and some entertaining content on their website. 

This weather forecasting platform offers a wide range of weather-related information with a simple and straightforward design of multiple blocks. It also provides aerial shots in ultra-HD videos with other news. Amidst the pandemic of Covid-19, this angular web app has included safety guidelines and daily news updates on the Coronavirus. 


Now if you want to find out if angular is good enough for web and mobile app development then I think you will be convinced when I say that the Gmail services were built with Angular. Now, what are the features of Gmail again? – A simple user interface and an uninterrupted experience are some of the performance standards that many other web applications tend to achieve but apparently, only Gmail is best at it. 

And when I say that over 1.5 billion people use Gmail services then it just became another reason why you should prefer Angular framework when you plan for a huge user-oriented app development project. 

It was the team of Google engineers that developed the Angular framework and now the company is leveraging its powerful technology to empower its products. The important thing to note here is that Gmail is just a single-page app. And unlike other multi page web applications, this website provides all kinds of data on the front end. This allows you to cache all your data when you are offline and cater to some other extraordinary SPA advantages. Angular made the UX of this single-page web app very impressive. 

  • Initial load may take up to several seconds; however, once the app is loaded, you can open any email or check any category with no delays.
  • Once loaded, Gmail app content is available offline; even if there’s no Internet connection, you can open some recent emails.
  • Live Hangouts chats available in Gmail are of great simplicity and performance. The feature was made with Angular, and thanks to the out-of-the-box Angular module, now everyone can integrate Google Hangouts into their Angular apps.



Upwork is a platform that is a combination of two marketplaces that were formerly known as Elance and Odesk. It is a platform for freelancers and businesses where they could collaborate to complete a job or a project. Upwork is recognized as one of the top and most popular web apps for freelancing and businesses. 

From a payment gateway system that could be used to either receive or send the funds to in-built features like audio calling, the Upwork web app has some amazing functionalities which make the users loyal to this platform. 

Upwork is a strong example of a thriving angular web app because it has more than 20 million active users on the platform. From the example of Upwork, I would like to state that the major reason to opt for angular is that it offers an enhanced user experience which is followed by a high web page performance. 


The subscription-based magazine giant Forbes has achieved a feat of 173.5 million page visits in April 2020 by pushing its limits. This publishing company is using AngularJS for faster page loading time and responsive user experience in its front end. The angular framework allows the stories and articles to self-update seamlessly within a few seconds of publishing them for the subscribers to view. By using Angular, a clear precedent has been sent by Forbes, one of the large publishing companies in the world. And they are right to do it as Angular can handle all kinds of publishing demands of journalism in the 21st century. 


Who doesn’t love Wikipedia, right? Still, the design of the page makes the reading very hard, and to be honest, it can be a bit distracting too. Therefore Wikiwand is used to give a modern touch to Wikipedia pages. It acts as a wrapper design on Wikipedia. Not only is the boring design structure of Wikipedia improvised, but many new features are also added including a menu, dashboard, and other navigational features. All of this is executed to enrich the UX of the visitors. Angular is one technology that was used by Wikiwand to completely reinvent the old pages and extend the functionalities of Wikipedia. As a result, it has now become more reachable, easy to navigate, and is enriched with a seamless user experience. 

Final Thoughts

So in this blog, we just discussed the top 7 websites built using Angular. Big brands in various industry verticals have been able to make the most out of this model-view-controller-based framework. You can build elegant and highly functional mobile and web applications using this feature-rich front-end framework. The extraordinary functionalities of Angular diminish all the other alternatives. 

The examples that we saw in this article of the top brands using angular depict that this platform is capable of fulfilling the needs of large business domains including eCommerce platforms, peer-to-peer marketplace, Payment websites, Technology web applications, News channels websites, and so on. 

The developers at Google also constantly try to elevate the sharpness of this web development framework with regular updates, new version releases, and also by adding some fantastic features to make Angular better. 

If you too wish to build feature-rich web apps using the AngularJS framework then all you have to do is to find an Angular development partner that can guide you through the journey of a full app development cycle. And enable you to become a leader in your industry by achieving all the technology-related milestones you aspire to.



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