Top Game Room Ideas For 2023

The concept of game rooms is on the rise – more and more people are turning the empty scapes and spare rooms of their houses into fun spaces that can be used to unwind, host parties and even more.


Some people may turn their game rooms into full-blown casinos. Canadians who enjoy playing on the best online casinos Canada 2023 have been quite inventive with their home set-ups, adding roulette tables, slot machines and poker tables for when their buddies come over to play. Others use the space to make a special room full of snacks and nibbles for movies. Whatever you’re looking at doing with the spare room, we’re going to give you some ideas!


Stick to a theme… or maybe don’t!


Many people come up with some sort of theme for their game rooms – maybe sticking to Sci-Fi and nerdy goodies or some sort of pub/bar or even a sports theme. Whilst you may think this is a great idea, it can limit the creativity you can put into the room or even get a bit boring after you’ve been in the room a few times.


A better approach can be to focus on the basics: Making the space comfortable, with great lighting, some feature elements and plenty of seating in case you have a little get-together!


Divvy up different areas of your space


Even the smallest of game rooms can be separated into different areas for different purposes. You can have a tv that’s mounted on a wall for a more family-friendly movie night, a little area of the room for games and activities and even some sort of designer refrigerator for chilled drinks and snacks.


Having these different areas allows your room to have different purposes and to make the most of your space.


Longer room? No problem


Oddly shaped game rooms can cause a problem – what do you do when a room is longer in shape? This is a blessing in disguise!


If you have a bigger tv, this is great news as you’ll have to be further back to get an optimal viewing experience. The longer rooms are also perfect for certain activities such as bowls and darts as well – the limit really is your creativity.


Maybe put in a cheeky cocktail corner


Whilst you may have a family-friendly edge to the room, there maybe be no harm in having a little adults-only corner in the room which includes a nice area to enjoy a drink or two. 


Some comfy chairs with some sort of drinks cabinet or even a drinks trolley can be perfect, allowing for a nice space to relax on a Friday night and enjoy your favorite cocktail.


Don’t forget about the music


No matter what your musical taste is – from smooth, relaxing jazz to the latest chart-topping pop, this music can be integrated into the games room to add some ambience to the space. 


Simply get a decent set of speakers and position them around the room – and the best thing is you can hook up a TV if you have one in there for cinema-level surround sound. Just remember to space the speakers out around any sort of seating area for the best sound quality.


Family-friendly board game space


If the room is designed more for some family time, a board game section can be a brilliant idea. Only taking up a small space, there’s a huge range of different board games to choose from.


These small spaces can make for a brilliant weekly board game tournament night, bringing the whole family together for a fun few hours.


Got white walls? A projector may be a good idea


Projectors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from small box-like contraptions to full-blown almost theatre-level projectors – making them perfect for every kind of games room.


You can play video games and show films in larger-than-life quality with these projectors, simply turn down the lights and project the image onto a blank wall. You can also get screens if you have painted or decorated walls.



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