Top Productivity Apps For Writers

Being a writer isn’t easy, and with all the distractions around us, it can be challenging to organize our thoughts and stay focused on our work. Thankfully, there are some useful apps out there that can you amp up your productivity and help you follow through on what you intend to do. To learn more about these apps, make sure to read until the very end.


As a writing app, it’s helpful when you have to work with an editor or a co-author as it allows you to collaborate and keep track of the changes. With its easily navigable formatting options and sleek interface, Google Documents can help you outline and build the scenes, plots, and arcs of your story.

In terms of add-ons and tools, you can expect almost the same functionality as with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), along with its constant saving and rich history of changes. It can be a convenient option for first-time writers who might not want to splurge money on new software just yet. Not only is it free, but you can also edit the files even without an internet connection and save the draft once you’re connected again.


Evernote is another powerful note-taking app that boasts a wide array of features that combines efficiency and simplicity to make your productivity soar. It’s also a great place to start writing if you prefer a clean, easily-accessible interface where you can juggle and express ideas all from your phone or tablet–even if you’re offline.

Along with the basic features of a digital notebook, Evernote allows you to also make to-do lists, save web articles, annotate PDFs, retrieve text from images, scan physical documents, and even create notes straight in Siri or Ok Google. The app offers up to 60 MB of free space, which is sufficient if you’re planning to add graphics or other files.


You can simplify your life and kickstart your success with this app that transcribes all popular audio files to text automatically. This app is not only a real time-saver, but it also saves you from spending your days hunched over your keyboard typing away your audio or paying hefty fees for human transcription services. Aside from its ability to convert audio to text, Audext can also identify speakers and structure the transcription text in line with the speech of the speakers so each word would be tied up to the exact audio moment from the speaker themselves.

Some practical uses of Audext include interview transcriptions, lecture notes, voice recordings from your mobile phone, medical use, and more. Whether the audio contains fifty words or five hundred words, Audext can be your next go-to writing app for productive writing sessions. However, it is important to note that this app is not a generator and it cannot transcribe recordings with background noise. Check out to learn more about how you can save your valuable time with their online audio to text transcription in minutes.

Now Novel

Now Novel can help aspiring writers in building up their story premise until it can sustain a fleshed-out story with all the needed elements, such as the cast of characters, themes, and major plot points. The app also provides a comprehensive dashboard that outlines your story ideas so you can organize your story step-by-step and bring the pieces of your masterpiece together.

In the dashboard, you’ll be presented with a series of questions that are geared towards developing your story idea and improve your writing as you go. What’s unique about Now Novel is that they provide coaches that will lead writers through the story-writing process, refine their ideas, and provide extra motivation every step of the way.


Whether you’re the most prolific writer in the world or you’re just starting up, this wonderful app can help you stay on track with your writing goals so you’ll never miss a deadline again. With Trello, you can easily create a board for your short story or novel, create individual scene cards, and add chapter lists on the board for a more organized flow and timeline of your ideas.

For instance, you can create a board and name it with your novel’s working title with a card summarizing each scene in your chapter to help you progress smoothly from one scene to another. As your break your big project into smaller parts, you’ll find it less daunting to look at as you work on it.



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