TRAVEL: Nova Scotia’s stunning beauty & music

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia by Jefferson Graham for the PhotowalksTV series

Peggy’s Cove by Jefferson Graham for the PhotowalksTV series

I knew something was different about Nova Scotia when the bridge to the northern part of the peninsula flashed a red light, and we had to wait, as the bridge actually turned sideways to make room for a boat. I’d never seen a bridge turn before. 

And then when we woke up the next morning, our charming bed and breakfast offered more than just a.m. eats–we also got a little mini-concert by a local fiddler jamming with the proprietor on guitar. 

Nine days in Nova Scotia in early October was like stepping back in time: wide open, beautiful spaces, friendly people, amazing music and lower costs, thanks to the 35% advantage we get from the American dollar in Canada. 

For anyone interesting in visiting one of the most magical places ever, watch the latest #PhotowalksTV episode to get a sense of the flavor of the area, and think about a visit in 2024. The 24-minute video takes you from the southern tip of the peninsula, in Yarmouth, to the north in Cape Breton, which is Canada’s answer to our Big Sur, with a wonderful, rocky and dramatic coast. 

But do know that as you read this, much of the province of Nova Scotia is now closed. 

That charming bed and breakfast we stayed in just a few weeks ago, the helpful tourist office, the roadside lobster shack–all hibernating for the winter, and returning for the 2024 summer/fall season. 

Those of us in California would find this hard to relate, but that’s how it is on the peninsula, with just under 1 million residents, where tourism only happens for a few months, and the locals have a tough, cold winter to endure. (The big city of Halifax, home to 500,000 people, is open as usual, it’s the small towns that are closed up.)

But then come the summer and beautiful fall, with changing colors and mild weather. 

The highlights of your trip will be Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove and Cape Breton. Why? Tune in to the video to find out. Enjoy!



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