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ClickSearch: What You Need To Know

Nowadays, it is so easy to get to know more about a person you just met. This is, of course, all thanks to some online tools that you can use to dig more information about a person apart from his name. ClickSearch is the perfect tool to help one get the answers to all their questions about a person.

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Nowadays, it is so easy to get to know more about a person you just met. This is, of course, all thanks to some online tools that you can use to dig more information about a person apart from his name. Through these tools, you can instantly run a background check so you can be sure of your safety when meeting them. 

One of the tools that you can use to find people is ClickSearch. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this tool, you can read more about it in this review. 

What Is ClickSearch?

ClickSearch is just one of the many different people search tools on the internet. Through this tool, you can get valuable personal information about someone that you are trying to locate. The good thing about using this tool is that the information you need can be retrieved in a matter of seconds. So when you’re trying to look for useful information on someone, this is a tool that you should use.

Think of it as a search engine that will give you someone’s contact information. Since the makers of ClickSearch have their own secure databases, you can be assured that the public records they possess are automated and streamlined. They also constantly update their databases to ensure that their search results are accurate and complete. 

ClickSearch Services

Even though ClickSearch is a relatively young brand in the industry, it has gained attention for the different services that are available. The three main services they provide include the following:

  • Contact Information – They can provide you with the most accurate contact details of the person you are trying to look for. This includes his address history, known associates, aliases, and many more. 
  • Phone Numbers – If you are trying to figure out who called me, ClickSearch offers a reverse phone lookup service. You can use this service to identify an unknown caller or to find out who the sender of a text message is. 
  • Properties & Licenses – ClickSearch also gives you an option to find important documents, including professional licenses. With this, you’ll know whether you are working with someone credible or not. 

In a nutshell, you can use ClickSearch to look for information such as these:

  • Person
  • Phone
  • Criminal 
  • Sex offender
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liens & judgments

All it takes is to input the name or phone number of an individual and you can have access to the background report you need. 

ClickSearch Pros & Cons

There are many people who find ClickSearch useful. Thanks to this tool, public records have now become accessible to ordinary citizens. This is pretty handy when you are trying to conduct tenant screening and you wish to check the background of the person who is trying to rent your property. It can also be pretty useful for online dating so you can search for any criminal records of the person you are communicating with. 


As a tool, however, ClickSearch isn’t exactly perfect. There are some things that ClickSearch needs to take care of so they can do the job really well. But still, most of their users are pretty happy with the quality of information they get from the people finder tool. Some of these pros and cons include the following:


  • Many ways to gain information
  • Allows various search report types
  • Fast results
  • Up-to-date records
  • Searches are secure and confidential
  • The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand
  • 24/7 customer service


  • There are some searches with no results
  • Different report types can’t be combined in a monthly subscription

If you are interested in using ClickSearch, these things may help you make the decision. 

Who Can Use ClickSearch?

One of the advantages of ClickSearch is that anyone can use it as a people finder tool. You can use this tool for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To reconnect with long-lost loved ones and friends
  • To track down a childhood friend
  • To validate a potential date’s identity
  • To organize a family reunion
  • To identify your roots and/or create your own family tree
  • To research important information about a property 
  • To learn more about a neighborhood you are moving to
  • To look up a phone number address that has been calling you
  • To make sure your kids are with reliable friends

ClickSearch’s features allow you to perform a search on these things as long as you have created an account with them. 

How Not To Use ClickSearch

Considering ClickSearch gives you access to the personal information of other people, it’s important to know that there are some things you cannot do. Here are some of the things that are not permitted on the tool:

  • Screen potential employees

ClickSearch does not allow you to use its service as an evaluation tool under any circumstance. You cannot use it to perform a background check on a potential employee you are interviewing as part of your hiring process. 

  • Screen potential tenants

Additionally, you cannot use the tool to screen potential tenants for your apartment, house, or condo. 

  • Check the educational background of an individual

While there are some certificates and licenses that you can verify on ClickSearch, you cannot use the tool to verify an individual’s educational background. This is because there are some educational programs, grants, and scholarships that cannot be accessed by just anyone. 

  • Check the insurance or credit eligibility of an individual

ClickSearch is also strict about using their tool to check an individual’s insurance or credit eligibility. Instead, banks make use of their own tools to assess an individual’s credit score and history. 

  • Stalk someone

At the same time, you cannot use ClickSearch to stalk or harass another individual. ClickSearch respects the privacy of other individuals. Even though they provide a person’s contact details, such information is readily available in the public domain. 

They have a strict policy on using their tool to stalk and/or invade someone’s privacy. So if you have plans on using the tool for such a purpose, you better think again. 

  • Commit identity fraud

Speaking of policies, ClickSearch is strict on using the information they provide for identity fraud. They take this very seriously, which can be charged as a felony in most states. If you use the tool to steal someone else’s identity, you may have to face a large fine or even jail time. 

The Bottom Line

ClickSearch can be a really awesome tool to use, especially if you plan on using it for a positive outcome. And if you plan on using the tool for such purposes, it can really be a big help to you. Otherwise, we don’t advise you to use ClickSearch if you have fraudulent intentions.


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