What Tourists Should Know About Online Casinos in Hungary

As a tourist, you will be drawn by the glamour of traditional casino gaming houses in Hungary. But if you are keen to try your hand at online casinos in Hungary to experience the same fun and excitement, you need to clear your basics. 

Just like how high-quality gaming headsets can enhance your music and gaming experience, familiarizing yourself with the country’s gambling laws can help you take full advantage of being there. Here is a quick tourist guide for you.  

As a casino expert, Szilvia Sultés’ (check profile) shares her know-how on what tourists should know about online casino Magyar.


Travelers need to be responsible with the sites they choose

Cybercriminals are one of the biggest threats facing the world today. But those who are aware of how to protect themselves while enjoying their stay in Hungary won’t have to worry.

Tourists who choose to play in Hungary should be careful when choosing an online casino. Because even though the vast majority of Hungary’s casinos have the highest security protocols, cyberattacks including phishing attacks and malware can target players in the worst way. 

It is advised that you find SSL encrypted casino sites on kaparos sorsjegy online – a Hungarian site that is home to genuine information on the top casino games in the market – to protect your information as well as you can. 


It is legal to play at an online casino

In 2013, the Hungarian government extended the land-based casino laws to online casinos. They made it a regulated industry by bringing it directly under the administration’s control. 

Today, the online casino market in Hungary has become legal, professional and a great source of income for the economy.

So, while you can travel to Budapest and Debrecen to enjoy the casino life there, an online casino can save you time and money on travel and give you that same experience right where you are. 


Hungary is quite flexible in their online casino games selection

Online casinos can also be easier to access than local casinos if you do not live near a casino. And they can offer better odds than most land-based casinos that might be accessible to you. 

You can find all sorts of exciting casino games at Hungarian online casinos, including bingo, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and keno – all with massive jackpots and other winnings. 

Hungarian online casinos often offer attractive promotions, bonuses, and various discounts to draw players. So, you may also want to look for those when depositing and withdrawing money to enrich your experience. 

Remember that even though there is no state-run regulation of online gambling, online casinos in Hungary are still subjected to EU regulations. That simply means they need to follow the highest security standards on the internet. 

So, if you are concerned with your online safety, playing on a reliable and secure platform can help you ease that feeling off a tad. 


You won’t get taxed on your winnings in Hungary

Tax is something that every player should be concerned with if they are thinking about playing abroad. Depending on where you live, taxes may be due on any money that you win playing at an online casino. 

But Hungarian online casinos are great for playing on a holiday because there is no taxation on your winnings. The Hungarian government only taxes online casino operators, so players can keep 100% of their winnings.

And in some cases, you can even enjoy higher conversion values if you convert your Hungarian Forint winnings into your home currency. 


You are never playing casino online in Hungary alone

Whether you crave the thrill of playing the tables or just want to relax with a few games of slots, there is something for everyone in Hungary’s online kaszinók. 

About 77% of Hungarians play online games, and these include casino games, too. That means as a player, you can enjoy an amazing collaborative experience in your online games. 

You can access multiple platforms to engage with fellow players across Hungary and beyond and give yourself a real-time interactive casino experience online. 



If you are planning to visit this picturesque European country, it is natural to be excited about the prospect of visiting a physical casino in the country. But to ensure you are truly safe, playing at an online casino is your best bet. Not only are online casinos regulated but they also offer you the same experience as a physical one to enrich your visit. 



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