2020 Walk of Fame inductees to be recognized at 2022 induction ceremony

Aloha Hap - Inaugural Hermosa Beach Surfer Walk of Fame inductee Hap Jacobs passed away on Dec. 19 of last year at his home in Palos Verdes. He was 92. The legendary, Hermosa Beach shaper built his last board in 2019, when the above photo was taken outside his Cypress Avenue shaping bay. Jacobs is flanked by friends and former Jacobs Team riders (left to right) Joey Lombardo, Mike Purpus, Morgan Sliff, Jose Barahona, Troy Campbell, Pat Cahill, Ian Ritter. Kip Jerger, Chris Bredesen, Derek Levy and Dan Williams. Photo by Kevin Cody

Though Nick Christensen, Josette Lagardere, Charlie Quesnel, and John Teague are being inducted this year, on April 23, they were selected for induction in 2020. For that reason they are being recognized as 2020 inductees. The induction ceremony could not be held in 2020 because of the pandemic. — SWOF Committee


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