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48th Anniversary Story Contest – Honorable Mention, Tiny Tomatoes by Jody Soper

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Honorable Mention “Exquisite Dahlia” by Herman Hernandez

Tiny Tomatoes

by Judy Soper

We had been having trouble growing food for the needy.

Local Offers

The Community Garden harvest was meager–a handful of tiny tomatoes–

Hardly worth the gas that it would take to deliver them.

But I needed to do an errand that would take me near there.

So off I went.


The House of Yahweh is in a different sort of neighborhood.

It sits on a busy street, next to an area that has seen better days.

There were security screens on doors and chain link fences.

The parking is difficult and the walk a little scarey for me.

But I found a spot a short distance away, and off I went.


A big truck parked in the driveway, had brought food for the needy.

There were big boxes of produce everywhere.  

People were unpacking and then repacking food for the needy.

The bag of tomatoes felt very small in my hands.

But here I was to deliver them, so off I went.


A woman packing boxes smiled as I handed her the bag of tiny tomatoes.

Looking at me and at them, she took them to her supervisor.

Stopping everything, this is what the supervisor said,

“Wow!  These are beautiful!  Thank you! We appreciate this so much!”

I began to cry.  And off I went.


We will have better days in the garden.

Peas and lettuce and chard and kale and carrots are growing.

The harvest will be plentiful, but not as beautiful as this moment.

I will remember the smiles and this handful of tiny tomatoes.

Until off I go.


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