5 Strategies to Manage and Track Many Business Projects at Once

The thought that you must joggle multiple important business tasks can be a great source of anxiety for most professional project managers. Companies with extensive budgets can hire many employees to finish the projects, but in the case of smaller enterprises, managers must fill the role of performing in multiple ways, but with the same great results. 

That’s where most problems begin. Project management tools include many projects to handle daunting tasks, even for the most qualified experts. If you’re not properly trained in the field, then it might sound impossible to track multiple projects. 

Here are 5 strategies to manage and track your business projects.

1. Before you start, think about a plan

When businesses try to manage multiple projects, usually, not all of them have success. It’s essential to create a successful project plan that will help you get over each obstacle. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your team members, if you want to be successful. Passing different tasks between you and your team will lead to exhaustion. So, incorporate some plans before you start your project. 

2. Prioritize important tasks

It is mandatory to know how and when to prioritize each task in a project. The project manager must be aware of each task, and what impact will have on the organization. Prioritizing your tasks accordingly will help you experience success sooner. You can also section tasks that seem to be repetitive, or similar in your projects. By doing so, you can easily work on your project in an effective time and manner. 

3. Project management tools

Even if you think that you’re the best leader in the business, you might require help at some point. So, that’s when project management tools come in place. They can be a blessing to someone who is overloaded with work. Managers tend to handle too many projects at once. Juggling people, tasks, and goals at the same time won’t lead to any good. By nature, projects must be managed accordingly, and it is not an easy task. Since there is so much work to be done, it can become chaotic and disorganized. 

If you don’t use a project management tool, chances are that you are wasting precious time on things that are unimportant. Thus, you’re doing more work than necessary! It’s not always easy to keep track of everything: who’s working on what and when. Communication among teams is wasteful, and as a result, deadlines are missed and clients might become unsatisfied with your services. 

It’s important to use a reliable project management system to help stay organized at work and execute your projects on time. Use online timesheets for your projects. It is the leading timesheet software that will help you manage your projects better and faster. Timesheet Portal software speeds up to pay your bill cycle and gives you the right tools to track your projects in real-time. It’s an adaptable web application and will work for you, no matter your project type. 

4. Empower your team to be flexible with changes

The key is to set team priorities and bring them into line work. But being flexible enough to hinge when is needed is important. Being on track with your work and tasks across multiple tools can be hard if you don’t know what your team works on. And when priorities change, you won’t know how to reschedule everything, how busy your team is, and how to track the work you’re putting on hold. A good method to prevent this from happening is by implementing a change switch course. 

Share work with your team to manage multiple projects at a time, without worrying about shifting goals. And when you need to reschedule priorities, you can handle it without worrying that the tasks are completely lost. Communicate with your team, offline and online. Check your team members about their tasks and be sure that everyone’s on track. 

Team members that lack communication problems end up lacking context to understand why priorities change, and how the project is developing. Managing communication regarding work, you allow team members to know what’s behind the work. Use work management that allows you to communicate progress updates exactly where work is happening. 

5. Remain focused

When handling many projects at once, you are risking giving more attention to other tasks that aren’t a priority. Remain focused on one task at a time if you want to become a reliable project leader. Allocate a certain time to each one of your projects, according to what’s a priority. By doing so, you can ensure that you put your attention to what matters most. 

Working on many projects at a time requires extreme knowledge, skills, and dedication. Using online project management software will make your life easier. We live in a competitive world, so the market increases its competitivity daily. Even the smallest change can make your business be more appealing to customers, and also help you stay above your competitors. Using innovative features like Timesheet Portal software, you can ensure your success at managing multiple projects at once. Once you do so, your clients will be satisfied, therefore, your sales and productivity will increase. 

As a team leader, it’s crucial to learn how to manage multiple projects at once. Oftentimes, this is the reality of a job. Each organization has its own way to manage workp[ace chaos. Maybe a quiet environment will help you stay more focused on handling your projects. Create a space for yourself and be sure that is 100% safe and quiet. 

Managing multiple projects at a time doesn’t have to be difficult, nor make you lose motivation. When you’re enhanced with the right skills, you will open doors to many processes and enable a complete overview of your workload. Since this is a common dilemma amongst organizations, hopefully, the advice above will help you stay on top in this competitive market.


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