5 Ways A Commercial Awning Can Boost Profit At Your Business

In the business world, a return on investment is everything. If you’re going to spend a part of your annual budget on a commercial building awning- you want to see some kind of financial return on that initial investment. A commercial building awning may seem like a purely practical purchase, but in many ways, it is a creative way to boost profits and market your business without the added expense of traditional advertising methods. How can adding a commercial awning to your business boost profits and heed a financial return? Let’s break down five key reasons down below. 

Improved Visibility to Passersby

Foot traffic is important in boosting sales and profitability. Without bodies coming in the door, there’s not much hope for a sale. Commercial building awnings make a storefront more interesting and attention-grabbing. An eye-catching awning can make your storefront stand out, increasing the odds of gaining a potential customer, rather than blending into the surrounding buildings. If your business has several locations, a branded commercial awning can create brand recognition and uniformity, even if they are housed in different buildings.

Increase in Usable Space

If you own a restaurant or cafe, a commercial building awning can increase your usable square footage, while making those outdoor spaces more comfortable for both customers and employees by offering shade and rain cover. Additionally, non-food related businesses can utilize commercial awnings for added sidewalk space, which could create an area to hold sidewalk sales or clearance racks which will immediately attract attention. A great awning also offers a place of protection and shelter for customers looking to get out of the rain and snow prior to entering your store. It is also a nice place for customers to ready themselves for the elements before leaving. These little things matter when turning potential customers into loyal customers.

UV Protection for Furnishings

No one wants to spend thousands on interior furnishings only to have those furnishings ruined by UV exposure. That’s an expense that cuts into profits. Business owners in sunny areas can utilize commercial building awnings to reduce UV exposure and add years of life to property and interior materials. The protective layer blocks UV rays and can even assist in keeping heating/cooling costs down.

Energy Efficiency

Few things hamper profits more than unexpected heating and cooling costs. Adding awnings and canopies to windows or doors will instantly make the building more energy-efficient. Additionally, UV resistant awnings will keep interior spaces cooler by reducing sunlight. This cuts down on the workload of your HVAC systems, which will result in immediate savings for your business. Less light entering equals direct savings in daily costs.

Promote Your Brand Every Day

Unlike an advertisement that runs once or twice on air or in the Sunday paper, a commercial building awning is a way to promote your brand each and every day. Modern awning and canopy fabrics allow you to implement your logo, color scheme, or catchphrase right on the waning itself. This harnesses visual interest in your storefront and strengthens your overall brand recognition. It is a way to self advertise and market without having to shell out the dough for a 30-second advertisement. The foot traffic alone will increase profits. 

The Key Takeaway

Commercial building awnings are an easy up-front investment that can increase profits and cut back on daily costs over time. Expect an increase in foot-traffic, great brand recognition, and savings in energy!


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