5 Ways to Send Special Customer Appreciation Emails


One of the best things in the world is feeling valued and appreciated. This is especially true about customers. People are more likely to become return shoppers at a brand that helps them feel important. 

This is not just about providing incentives, though the practice is also quite effective. Today, we will delve into expressing gratitude to clients verbally – in emails, to be precise. We will look at how to write appreciation email and what techniques to use for those messages to feel genuine and memorable.   

Making Your Email Special: Come Up With Great Messages and Designs

Here are a few simple and still exquisite ways to demonstrate thankfulness and create an appreciation email to customer. 

1. Use designs that pop out

An email should be a visual masterpiece attracting attention and, at the same time, being simple to read. Use minimal designs that don’t overpower the words but convey the key message. Choose colors and palettes that appeal to emotions and set up an uplifting mood. Email templates can help you create such emails in several minutes. 

Here, it is vital to remember that each template should fit a variety of devices. Tablets, small screens of smartphones – both text and image readability is a must.  

2. Give something of value

A nice idea for an email of appreciation is to include a coupon, discount code, free shipping, or a personal offer for a new or loyal customer. No matter how long they have been with you, they deserve a sign of respect expressed in real-world value. Encourage them to stay with you and make the next purchase in the most convenient way. Make sure your gift is super easy to redeem. 

3. Include an element of exclusiveness 

Apart from offering discounts and allowing them to save up more, there is even more good in giving special suggestions and early access to sales, whereas others will need to wait for this announcement. This is great to do before New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, etc.  

However, be careful not to overdo it with calls to action. The only appropriate type is ‘Receive a discount.’ Otherwise, the email would be perceived as too heavy with links. 

4. Keep personalization a priority

Naming an email receiver by their real (and correct!) name is non-negotiable. Don’t forget to stick to accurate data and keep all other client’s essential info correct. At the same time, make sure you show that the sending side is not an organization or corporation. It’s always better to send a client appreciation email on behalf of a real person – whether it be a department leader or manager.  

Another great thing is sending such a message on the client’s birthday or registration anniversary, whichever you prefer. This will make anyone’s mood go up. Other reasons for sending one include: 

  • thanking for signing up
  • thanking them for a recent purchase
  • congratulating them on brand-specific or personal events
  • expressing gratitude for feedback or review
  • thanking them simply for being a client 
  • thanking them for another year with you1. Make it stress- and hassle-free

What do we mean by that? First, this is keeping your tone friendly, relaxed, and comfortable for the reader. Never aim to create a sense of urgency or scarcity or add misleading information to customer appreciation emails. While some element of the mysterious might be present to heat up interest, don’t cross the line or get too sales-oriented.  

What Marketing Aspects to Keep In Mind 

Now, a visually appealing and loyal email alone will not drive success. Marketing moves are still needed to make your message carry out its purpose. So, get creative about that. Turn an old shopping cart into a beneficial offer, use emails encouraging transactions, or continue the tendency by creating a whole line of appreciation emails. All of that and your fresh ideas will top up the chances for clients to respond.  

Automation opportunities are not to be ignored as well. Make it a good clockwork mechanism and keep activity high by automating such campaigns. A few words should be said about professional email-building tools and using the help of experienced marketing teams. 

Finally, segment your audience based on such criteria as engagement, but don’t leave anyone out. An email formulated correctly and arriving at the right time can win customers back and get their favor more than you think! 



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