6 major gardening trends 2021

In this article, you’ll find inspirational ideas for your garden. These recommendations will come in handy for gardeners with any level of experience.

The popularity of gardening as a hobby is growing steadily all around the world. People are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. They enjoy the idea of growing food with their own hands and making the world a little bit greener and more beautiful. From this article, you’ll get to know the main gardening trends for 2021.

Sustainable Gardening

To comply with sustainability standards, you should do the following.

  • Use organic methods. Avoid aggressive chemicals, even if you need them to combat weeds and pests. Use manure, slurry, worm castings, peat, seaweed and guano as fertilizers.
  • Practice water conservation. Collect and use rainwater. Consider designing a rain garden. Put plants that need more water in spots where the soil stays moist. If there are no such spots in your garden, opt for drought-tolerant plants.
  • Apply mulch. A reliable mulch delivery service provider can help you find the right type of mulch for your needs. It prevents soil from drying out by regulating its temperature and thus saves water. Plus, it prevents erosion, adds nutrients to the soil and suppresses weeds. However, if you notice signs of erosion, make sure to have an erosion repair immediately.
  • Make your own compost. The bacteria that it contains break down organics into nutrients for plants. Also, compost might suppress diseases and harmful pests.
  • Plant trees. This advice would hardly come in handy for those who have just a compact backyard at their disposal. The shade that trees give can cool your house, saving energy and money. Trees provide food, protection and shelter for wildlife. And of course, they are vital for the environment because they absorb CO2 and give off oxygen.
  • Let your kids join you in the garden. Kids perceive growing plants and taking care of them as an exciting game. It will help them to preserve a respectful attitude toward nature forever.

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Use Containers

Containers work wonders in small patios and on balconies. They occupy minimum space and you’ll be able to choose from various colors, sizes, shapes and designs. In containers, you can grow tropicals such as crotons, canna and caladiums. Also, you can plant dwarf trees there: fruit and citrus, olives, crape myrtles and Japanese maples. If you prefer small shrubs, up to ten items should fit into one container.

People who travel a lot and leave their gardens unattended for a long time value containers highly. This approach to gardening enables you to install automatic drip irrigation. You set a schedule and the irrigator will keep watering your pots on time.

Grow Your Own Food

You shouldn’t necessarily aim to discard grocery shopping at all. Those few extra cucumbers, tomatoes or zucchini that you grow with your own hands can become a meaningful present for a dear person on a special occasion. Otherwise, you can cook these vegetables for your family dinner and celebrate your success as a gardener. If the space in your garden is limited, consider growing food vertically, in containers. Also, focus on such plants that provide big yields in small spaces, such as herbs or peas.

Buy Bright Bold Tropicals

No matter where you live, tropical plants will turn your garden into an exotic wonderland. Banana plants, Mandevilla vines, tuberous begonias, elephant’s ear and bromeliads look stunning and are rather easy to take care of. If you organize cozy nooks with such plants in your garden, they will add opportune bright accents to the landscape.

Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Space

In your garden, you should be able to not only grow plants but also relax and spend time with your friends. Consider putting sun loungers, garden tables and chairs there. Throw a few cushions and install one or multiple umbrellas to provide shade. A fire pit will come in handy on cooler evenings and candles will look gorgeous on your outdoor dinner table (for safety reasons, you might opt for artificial fire). The sound of water will accentuate the Zen vibes, be it a small pond, a built-in or a tabletop fountain. If you have a window with a view to your garden, plant a climbing vine close to it, add a hanging planter or set out a group of containers with plants in colors.

When the Warm Season Ends, Let Adventurous Houseplants Please Your Eye

The demand for houseplants has skyrocketed during the pandemic. The more time people spend at home, the cozier they want it to be. Aroids such as aglaonemas, anthuriums and philodendrons as well as plants in the Hoya genus can become an indispensable part of your home office interior.

Final Thoughts

Gardening never goes out of fashion but gardening trends might change rapidly. When choosing what to plant and how to design your garden, you should rely primarily on your own tastes and budget. Look for garden equipment for rent rather than purchasing new to save money. Hopefully, the trends from this article might inspire you to start gardening if you have never tried your hand at it yet. Visit sites like cir.net/hoses-coupling and buy agricultural tools that you need.


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