6 Tips For Finding Motivation to Start Writing an Essay

Here you are: sitting in front of your computer, trying to find the motivation to pen down more than the three words you’ve already written. Writing is all fun and games when your creative juices are flowing. But on cold days when you can’t find the motivation to do it, it seems like a prison that you’ll do anything to get out of. 

For college students who have to write essays for most of their school life, hiring a college essay writing service is definitely a viable solution. However, if you’re looking to find writing motivation and caffeine is just not cutting it, here are some tips that may help:


Pinpoint the cause

Just before you embark on the treasure hunt for motivation, it’s important to pinpoint the factors that may be draining your motivation to write. For many students, one leading cause is a lack of interest in the topic. If you’ve ever been handed an assignment with a yawn-inducing topic, then you can definitely relate. When the essay topic doesn’t spark any interest in you, you may find it hard to muster the motivation to even write a thesis statement. 

But that’s not the only reason why you may be feeling unmotivated to write your essay. For some students, there’s no motivation for college at all. This often leads to a lack of interest in college activities such as academic projects and essay writing. 


Outline the essay

The thought of writing an entire essay with numerous pages can seem daunting for any student. However, if you are determined to avoid essay writing service for now, you can make the writing process seem easier and less of a chore by creating an outline. 

The typical essay contains an introduction, body, and conclusion. As such, map out these sections and decide how many paragraphs the body of your essay will contain. This way, you can lessen the mental burden and write the essay easily by approaching each section individually. 


Section the word count

After creating the outline of the essay, you can go on to attach specific word counts to each section. This process is completely dependent on you and what the word count of the entire essay should be. For example, if you’re writing a simple 1000-word essay, your introduction could be about 150 words, three body paragraphs of 250 words each, and a conclusion of just 100 words. 

Although this tip may sound flat-out useless, it can boost your motivation because you can see everything coming together even before you start writing. 


Break out drinks and snacks

Sometimes, you just need to get your energy levels up to find motivation for writing your college essay. Get your favorite snacks, drinks, and candy and place them beside you. You could also get a few energy drinks if you need something to keep you awake throughout the entire writing process. But don’t get too much or you’ll end up feeling buzzed all night long. 


Look up quotes 

Inspiration can come from a lot of places and things, including quotes. Whether you’re writing a high school or college essay, starting your introduction with a quote is a great idea, especially if you’re looking for motivation. 

Sometimes, a lot of writers feel unmotivated to write because they aren’t sure how to begin their essay. In cases like this, searching for a quote that’s relevant to your essay topic might give you the much-needed inspiration to start your essay. 

You don’t even necessarily have to use a quote that is explicitly about your topic. Just find one from a relevant figure and connect the dots. 


Draft a reward system

If you’ve tried every motivation sparking trick in the book with no success, then try creating a reward for yourself to help motivate you. The reward should be for when you finally complete the essay and could be anything of your choice. 

For instance, it could be a meal from your favorite five-star restaurant or a fun trip with your friends. It could even be something as simple as watching your favorite TV show or going to the cinema. Regardless of whatever you choose as your reward, start your essay and keep writing to earn it. 


Final Thoughts 

Finding motivation for writers can be extremely difficult, especially if you have to write an essay on a lackluster, uninteresting topic. If you’re struggling with inspiration for your essay, you can shake off this feeling by chunking down the essay into less daunting milestones. This way, it will be easier for you to approach the essay without feeling like you have a truckload of work to do. 

However, if this doesn’t help, creating a reward system might be the perfect solution. 

Good luck! 



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