7 unexpected celebrities who have been banned by casinos

Most people do not know the ban on visiting certain places. You need to try very hard to stop letting you into a particular store, bar or other institution. At a minimum, your behavior should cause confusion or discontent among the service staff or the management of a particular institution.

If you are not allowed to go somewhere, then you have the right to brag about it. If you stick to it. Some celebrities brag about these awkward moments. At my leisure, I made a list of celebrities who are banned from visiting the casino.

My own experience with the ban

I’m not bragging, but I was banned from visiting a local furniture store. I accidentally dropped my pen on the floor. An ordinary plastic handle that is attached to tables in public places. It seemed to the store employee that I was throwing a pen purposefully at him. Even if I threw the pen with great force, it would hardly cause injury to my opponent. I don’t even remember what color the ink was in it.


The conflict occurred during an argument with a store consultant. I didn’t like the way the loader put the furniture I bought in the car. The opponent demanded that I return the pen with which I had just signed the documents.

By the way, when I threw a pen at him, he was inside the store. I was near the loading platform and watched how my purchases were loaded.

After the conflict, the manager came up to me and said that for attacking an employee of the store, I was forbidden to shop here in the future. In response, I just laughed and went home. Remember, sometimes bans on visiting are made because of comic situations. Some of them happened to our celebrities.

Top 7 celebrities who got the casino ban

Most casino owners are loyal to the antics of celebrities. Popular people bring them a lot of money, which makes up a huge share of the profit. It is necessary to try very hard in order to get a ban on visiting the casino. Some famous people have succeeded in this.

7. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is the only celebrity who is banned from visiting all Las Vegas casinos. It all started in 2010, when Paris was detained near the entrance to the Wynn Hotel. During the search, the police found several grams of cocaine disguised as chewing gum in her possession. Paris claimed that she had nothing to do with drugs and had no idea where they came from. Later, she admitted her guilt and apologized to the law enforcement officers for insulting them. 

Despite the remorse, the administration of the Wynn and Bis hotels banned Paris from visiting the territory of their establishments. Her young man, Cy Weiss, was also unlucky. He was with her at the time of the search. He lost his job and got the nickname “Accomplice of night operations”. By the way, Paris is not the only celebrity involved in drug scandals. Is the popularity earned by so many efforts worth such disappointments? So much effort is put by the stars in order to become popular. One scandal can cause a loss of reputation, putting a fat spot on it.

6. Vince Neil

The former lead singer of the famous heavy metal band has been banned from visiting the Las Vegas Palms resort casino since 2012. It’s hard to believe, but the ban on visiting the institution was imposed on the musician after a series of his posts on Twitter with reviews about this institution. At first, he criticized the restaurant “Little Buddha”. He noted the rudeness and rudeness of the staff. He published the next message a week later. He continued to criticize the institution and urged fans not to go there. The musician noted that he himself refuses to visit this institution. 

The management of the restaurant did not remain in debt and replied that Vince Neal was expelled because of disgusting behavior. They also reacted to a series of posts on the social network. After that, Vince is forbidden to appear on the territory of the casino and the establishments belonging to him. By the way, Nils reacted to this message, accusing the administration of lying and bias.

Eight years have passed since then. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any evidence of Neil’s criticism of the entertainment establishment.

5. Ben Affleck

This person is known as an actor, director, screenwriter and… the card counter. Suppose the universe decided to send you someone with the strangest question, for example: which celebrity is banned from playing blackjack at the hard rock hotel & casino? Just know that the answer to that strange question is Ben Affleck. Well… Now you’re ready for just about anything the universe can send your way… I guess. How did the celebrity manage to get this title?

It all started in 2014, when Ben and his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, decided to visit the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel. Ben Affleck is known for his passion for poker. It was during this visit that he decided to try his luck at the high roller table. Unknown sources reported that the actor will never be able to play blackjack in this casino again. The actor was having a great time, winning one game after another. Suddenly, the casino administrator approached him and informed him that the actor would never be able to play here again. Ben was accused of counting cards. The most interesting thing is that neither the actor nor the casino administration comment on this incident in any way. By the way, counting cards is not a crime that leads to a ban on visiting the casino.

Haters noted that the fact of counting cards was recorded by the casino administration, but it is silent about it.

4. Dana White

If you are wondering why Dana White is banned from casino, you will be surprised by the following information. Dana White is known for turning the completely bankrupt Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) into a world-famous mixed martial arts organization. Nevertheless, world fame did not prevent him from getting the title of the most banned blackjack player in Las Vegas. This is not documented. Dana White proudly calls herself the most unwanted guest in a Las Vegas casino.

He can only document conflicts with the Palms Casino. His administration reduced his credit line, reducing the available limit to $ 5,000. Previously, he made a bet of up to $ 25,000 per hand. Dana White got angry at the casino and stopped visiting it. Another step of revenge was his ban on visiting members of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) of this institution during the tournament.

The casino administration invited him back to the casino a year after these events. However, they again reduced his credit line, motivating this with his frequent winnings. After a while, White said that he was no longer allowed in four Las Vegas casinos. However, there is no official confirmation of this anywhere. What’s the big deal? Mr. White at any time to try to play casino games online. The only thing he would need to do is to choose a trusted online casino.

3. Colby Covington

UFC welterweight champion Colby Covington was probably the only person who was stopped from being allowed into the casino for fighting. It all started on March 20, 2019. Then Colby ran into another UFC fighter Kamaru Usman in the buffet. The day before, Usman defeated Tyron Woodley in a fight. The fighter was accompanied by his guard Ali. According to Covington, he simply asked them to wait until he got himself crab legs. In response, Usman and his guard began to provoke the fighter into a fight. It was initiated by the security guard Kamaru Usman Ali. Casino security decided not to allow such situations in the future and banned Colby Covington from visiting the Palms .

2. Allen Iverson

This celebrity was banned from visiting the Bally’s casino, located in Atlantic City. He was caught urinating in a trash can. The security asked him to leave the institution immediately and never come here. He was banned from appearing at the MGM Casino and the Greektown Casino. Allen lost too often and behaved inappropriately. After losing, he started quarrels with security guards and dealers, threw chips at them and used obscene language. In 2009, the administration of gambling establishments banned him from appearing here.

1. The Scorpion and the Frog

The goal of casino owners is to earn as much money as possible. That is why they are happy to see celebrities who are ready to part with large amounts of money. In addition, famous people create advertising for gambling establishments.


The casino administration is ready to turn a blind eye to the inappropriate behavior of celebrities. The appearance of famous people in the halls of the casino significantly increases its prestige. In order to get a ban on visiting the casino, a well-known person needs to make a significant effort. A ban on visiting casinos, hotels or restaurants is an extreme measure resorted to by the owners of these institutions. The life experience of the celebrity has shown us what you do not need to do to have a good time in a casino. But, the experience of providing interesting material for articles from Tiffany Cutting, content editor of the Slotsspot web project, shows us what you need to do to get an interesting article.


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