Amazing Technologies Emerging in the Online Gambling World

Technology impacts every facet of our daily lives. In the past year, we’ve seen the effects in medical research and vaccine discovery. We also saw the advances in commerce and viewed the future of education.

During the pandemic, technology has assisted us in finding happiness amidst the struggle. Online gambling has been a release from fear, isolation and uncertainty. Sweden, like the rest of the world, has suffered loss, but we have persevered.

Dominic Andreasson, a respected writer on the subject of online casinos, shows how technology is evolving. He keeps an eye on sites like bästa svenska casino, to find the most innovative casino technologies  available.


Casinos on the Move 

Few remember the difficulties of playing computer poker games in the early days. They were slow, clunky, and disappointing. You didn’t play with real money; your game rewards were points, not currency. It was a sad and disappointing experience.


Over the last two decades, however, the situation has improved. Video graphic cards became lightning fast. CPUs are capable of handling far greater operations in fractions of the time. Games became fun. As internet access developed, we were able to play better games at faster speeds.


Modern technology makes those games feel prehistoric. Yet, until recently, we were chained to our computer for any opportunity to play. Online gambling innovations allowed us to play slot or poker games, but with no actual money. Creating online casinos and laws allowed us to use our credit cards to place bets for real winnings.


Now, we can win real money, and do so while away from our computers. Technological advances in casinos have ushered in mobile gaming. We can enjoy casino games while running errands, standing in line, or lounging in bed. The best part is that mobile gaming is graphic-rich. The play is smooth and seamless.


Reality Check 

As innovations occur, software and game designers find new applications for them. When graphics cards became more powerful, developers started working on VR, virtual reality. These games allow for a greater immersive, 3D experience. You feel like a part of the game environment. Computers companies effectively used this and marketed a popular assortment of games and accessories. 


Next came AR, augmented reality. This allowed 3D graphics to superimpose over real-world surroundings. Pokéman Go was one of the first. These games create computer images in real-world settings on your mobile device. Smartphone gaming soared to new heights of possibilities.


Imagine sitting in your living room, putting on a headset and virtually entering a casino. Not one on a flat screen, but one that has depth and substance. A casino where you can manipulate objects physically. That’s the vision of prognosticators – the opening up of new worlds, new opportunities, new experiences.


However, we aren’t there yet. But the possibilities exist in the not-to-distant future. Think about it: Medical students being able to practice surgical techniques without a patient. Or pilots training without leaving their living room. VR/AR is an exciting concept that has plenty of possibilities.


Money Matters

There’s also the issue of payment. Humanity has always sought a way to buy things in a common currency accepted everywhere. Cryptocurrencies are attempting to solve that problem, and casinos are using that to their fullest.


While Bitcoin is the most recognisable, there are dozens of cryptos on the market. Each has different rates. As for traditional currencies, the Euro, while widely accepted in Europe, is not received in Asian or American countries. The USD, while helpful for many transactions, is not convenient in many countries. Though we have not achieved a system of one defined currency, we’re coming ever closer.


The Future of Online Casinos

As our technology continues to advance, we can envision endless possibilities. Imagine playing blackjack or poker against an AI version of poker legend Johnny Moss. Not a pre-programmed version, but one that thinks and reacts based on real situations.


Artificial Intelligence may be the next big step in online casino gaming;  playing against dealers and other players who are not limited to a strict code pattern. The AI would think, react and play like a live person. They would be able to bluff, show and read tells. The idea isn’t that far-fetched. Programmers are constantly tweaking the abilities of these AI constructs. They’re making great strides in replicating human responses and actions. 


What about real-time gaming in a VR/AR setting that allows you to play with people on different planets? Connection speeds that have zero lag and crystal clear transmission. All these things are in the works. And while the technology involved was not designed for online gambling, the adaptation possibility is there.


Summing it Up

The future of the online gambling world looks at this time to be limitless. With the imagination and talent of the technology teams involved, we’re looking forward to seeing how we’ll play in the future.



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