Are Room Darkening Curtains And Blackout Curtains The Same?

Heavy curtains are a popular choice for collectively blocking the sun’s direct rays. But nowadays, different variants of such heavy blinds are available in the market.

You must have heard about blackout curtains and room darkening curtains for cool interiors. But did you know that these are two different variants of curtains?


That’s right, they are not the same. So let us find out how they are different.


Firstly, there are a few similarities.

Even though blackout and room darkening curtains have some key differences, they have a few similarities too. The benefits offered by both of them will include:

  • They help in blocking the direct rays of the sun.
  • They work as noise absorbents, reducing sounds coming from outside of the room.
  • Enhances the privacy factor
  • Regulates and maintains the temperature inside the room.
  • When used in bedrooms, they help in improving sleep quality.


Fabric Thickness

Both of them have heavier fabrics compared to the standard curtains. But despite being thick, both of them are not necessarily bulky or heavy. These are available in various colors and designs, and you can purchase the one which matches your interiors.


What are the differences?

Both the curtains have slight differences in the way they function and their features. There is a difference in the level of natural light they block:

  • As the name suggests, blackout curtains help to block around 100% of natural light through the material, including direct sun rays. It is used for achieving complete darkness in your space.
  • Room darkening curtains are also known as dim-out curtains, and they block lesser amounts of natural light compared to blackout curtains (usually around 80-95%). So if you want to reduce the amount of natural light in your room without completely darkening it, then this is the right choice for you.


Which one to choose?

Before you make the decision, you must understand your requirements properly. You can choose blackout curtains if you have the following requirements:

  • If you love sleeping in total darkness
  • If you work night shifts and need to rest during the daytime. In such situations, you would not want noise or sunlight to disturb you during the daytime.
  • If you have a small child whose sleep is hampered because of sunlight and noise
  • Sunlight can cause damage to furniture and fade its color. With blackout curtains, you will not have to worry about that.
  • If you have a media and entertainment room, keeping it dark is necessary for the best experiences. Blackout curtains are the best choice in this case.


You can go for room darkening curtains if –

  • You want to reduce the amount of natural light entering your room, to maintain the functionality inside.
  • If you want to maintain the temperature of your room inside by blocking some of the direct sun rays.

The choice entirely depends on your specific needs. Moreover, you must also consider the room and its purpose, as well as the décor, before making a selection.


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