Best Chiropractor: Derek Levy, DC

Dr. Derek Levy in his Hermosa Beach office. Photo by Kevin Cody
Dr. Derek Levy in his Hermosa Beach office. Photo


Chiropractor Derek Levy

Chiropractor Derek Levy unkinks the kinks. Photo

Best of the BeachUnlike most doctors, Chiropractor Derek Levy describes his patients as generally healthy.

“People at the beach lead a healthy lifestyle. So when they come to see me it’s usually for minor aches and pains that are easy to take care of. I deal with neck and lower back pain all day long.

Levy is a member of the Hermosa Beach Surfer Walk of Fame and treats many surfers for neck and shoulder problems. The most common cause of neck and shoulder problems isn’t physical activity but stress, he said.

“We carry our stress in our neck, shoulders and mid back,” he explained, hunching his shoulders forward to illustrate how it happens.

“Chiropractors work with three basic parts of the body – bones, nerves and muscles,” he explained.

“When a bone is out of place, it can pinch a nerve, causing pain. Then the muscles spasms as they work to hold the bones in place.”

“All a chiropractor does is put the bone back in place, so the body can heal.”

Levy compared a pinched nerve to a garden hose with a kink in it.

“If the hose gets pinched, the flowers wilt. If nerves gets pinched, patients experience numbness and pain.”

“When I fix something, I get the credit, but it’s mostly the body’s amazing healing powers that are responsible,” he said.

Dr. Derek Levy, DC: 950 Aviation Blvd., Hermosa Beach. (310) 920-6645.


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