Riviera Mexican Grill: Best of the Beach 2018 Margarita

Keirstin Selvage shows her appreciation for a Riviera Mex margarita. Photo

Believe it or not, the key to a perfect margarita isn’t how special the tequila is.

“The secret is in the mix,” said bartender Ritchi Petroshanoff.

It’s a simple mix, common to most margarita mixes: sugar, lemon and lime juices, and water mixed just right. Just about any tequila would make a good margarita with that mix, Petroshanoff said.

“They make a great margarita, and I’m picky,” said Keirstin Selvage, a boutique owner and stylist in Riviera Village who was splitting a mid-afternoon drink with a friend. “They don’t make it too sweet, and they keep it going.”

And going, and going – Riviera is likely to go through about 25 bottles of tequila a week, thanks to the fandom their margaritas have gathered.

“It’s just perfect,” Selvage said.

Riviera Mexican Grill

1615 S. Pacific Coast Hwy., Redondo Beach

(310) 540-2501



Runner-up: Pancho’s Restaurant

3615 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach

(310) 545-6670



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