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Russell Samuels left what he considers the "fast food" approach in the health and fitness industry to offer high-end personal training that can change a person's lifestyle. Photo by Randy Angel


Russell Samuels 

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Russ Samuels became interested in athletics after moving to California at the age of 12, competing on high-level track teams throughout high school and college. 

Samuels began his personal training career at the age of 20 and, over the past 15 years, has acquired certifications in personal training, nutrition, balance and core training, spinal-lumbo-pelvic-hip complex therapy, and trigger point therapy certifications from all the major nationally recognized organizations. 

In 1999, after working in the corporate health club industry for six years, Samuels opened a private personal training business in the South Bay. RJS Fitness offers high-end personal training, massage therapy, nutritional guidance, and functional therapy in a semi-private environment. 

“Ironically, much of the health and fitness industry has a ‘fast food’ approach, processing and overselling memberships to get people in and out the door as fast as possible,” Samuels explained. “I would rather have fewer members but a higher percentage of attendance. I have a unique approach, seeking out other trainers to work with to keep things exciting and positive so our clients benefit from the best training methods available. Whatever the goal of our client – whether it’s long term or short term – we want to create a new lifestyle with new habits to ensure his or her success.” 

RJS Fitness: 1421 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach. (310) 406-1757. 

Runner-up: Rich Roe, 888-742-4763 or 619-405-9664


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