Best Ways How To Find New Crypto Projects

Many owners of cryptocurrency think about finding a good cryptocurrency platform to look for relevant crypto funds and projects. Cryptocurrency funds are a good opportunity to make a profit without much effort. However, crypto coin holders need to invest only in proven and verified funds and projects. That is where reliable crypto platforms come in handy. You need to make a deep research about market reputation, and the history of the project to find good options. Continue reading the article if you want to have access to a platform that collects the best crypto funds on the market.

Chainbroker is a crypto platform that acts as an intermediary between cryptocurrency owners and trusted funds. You will be able to acquaint yourself with the largest projects and funds in the world of cryptocurrency on Chainbroker. Moreover, the online platform has a nice interface and easy navigation.

Chainbroker Projects

The crypto platform offers visitors lots of popular crypto projects. To open the crypto projects page on the platform, you need to navigate to the “Projects” page. Then the world of private and public projects will be open to you. The platform allows users to find the tradings and upcoming projects. The website offers you more than 60 pages filled with promising crypto projects. You can sort the project you need using filters. 


You can select investors like Supernova or 01 Capital. Users can also choose the project category like education energy or advertising. You can also filter the projects by last funding date and funding stage like pre-seed round, or private round on Chainbroker. There is also a possibility to filter funding amount and number of investors. This way, you can find the project you need.


After filtering the projects, you can discover all the necessary information you should know for analyzing the project by clicking on it. For example, the last foundation date, last funding, ticker, and category. You will also see the number of investors and the amount of money the fund has raised.

Chainbroker Funds

Chainbroker offers users a wide selection of funds with active investors. You will be able to easily use the site because it offers helpful filters. You can choose from more than 100 funds of different investor types. 


Users can find the one they need faster by applying a filter. For example, you can select the fund type, last funding date, foundation year, and name, like ZBS Capital. You can choose the number of investments from 0 to 173, and any year starting from 1998. You can also use the fast search by choosing one of the categories: top, trending, and active. The users can also find out up-to-date information about each fund on Chainbroker. For example, investor type, foundation year, status, and last investment. You will also see the number of investments and the amount of money raised on ZBS Capital.

Final Words 

Chainbroker is a perfect platform for both new and advanced traders. Chainbroker is a crypto trading platform that provides relevant information in the crypto trading field. You will find lots of investment options. Chainbroker provides two big categories: projects and funds. By following any of the pages users can find the lists of projects and funds they can invest money in. 


The website provides all the necessary information traders should know before investing. Besides, the website is very easy to use and has a clear design and filters. You can reach the Chainbroker by social media like Telegram, and Twitter, and watch their YouTube. All these features make the website a perfect informational source for relevant fundraising projects.


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