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Big swell rewards South Bay Boardriders Club’s patience

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Spyder Surf’s Chris Browman experiments with weightlessness at the season opening South Bay Boardriders/Neptune Properties contest. Photo by Kevin Cody

Saturday’s overhead, WNW swell proved the South Boardriders’ wisdom in having postponed their inaugural 2017 surf contest from two weeks ago, when the surf was flat. Even the tide, which hardly changed, and wind, which barely stirred, cooperated for the contest, moved to this past Saturday in El Porto.

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The selection of Neptune Properties as sponsor also proved fortuitous after veteran surfer Joey Lombard emerged from the water with his right shoulder hanging down around his waist. Just as it looked like Lombardo had safely made the drop on a set wave, he got catapulted off the nose of his board and pile hammered to the bottom.

“I think I hyperextended my shoulder,” Lombardo said after paddling one-armed to shore.

Actually, he hyperextended his right shoulder right out of its socket.

Fortunately, Neptune Properties partner Derek Levy is a chiropractor.

“This may hurt a bit, Joey,” Levy cautioned him. After directing two surfers to pin Lombardo to a beach chair, Levy turned the dangling arm like a crank until it popped into place.

“How does it feel now?” Levy asked.

“Much better,” Lombardo answered.

Mira Costa surf team’s Cody Purcell and Olivia Lusby exploited their home break advantage by capturing the men’s and women’s open titles. Lusby also won the Junior Women’s title (18 and under).

The next South Bay Boardriders contest will be Saturday, November 9 in El Porto. For more details visit

South BayBoardRiders/Neptune Properties 2017-2018 Surf Series Contest

  Open Men   Open Women   Juniors (18 & Under)
1 Cody Purcell 1 Olivia Lusby 1 Alex Fry
2 Eddie Lester 2 Ava Miller 2 Parker Browning
3 Shane Gallas 3 Chloe Osborn 3 Arata Tomatsuri
4 Juliano Uzuelli 4 Kierra Fedio 4 Ben Oien
5 Tom Seth 5 Lisa Boos 5 Zachary Rosenberg
6 Chris Broman 6   6 Chad Parks
  Junior Women (18 & Under)   Boys (14 & Under)   Groms (12 & Under)
1 Olivia Lusby 1 Joey Samuelian 1 Raiha Onou
2 Ava Miller 2 Raiha Onou 2 Gavin Lusby
3 Kierra Fedio 3 Arata Tomatsuri 3 Matheus Sperb
4 Mimi Sullivan 4 Jake Rosenberg 4 Stone Seligson
5 Chloe Osborn 5 Brendan Griffin 5 Karsten Wanke
6 Lisa Boos 6 Sam Moore 6 Quincy Fredriksz
  Micro-Groms (9 & Under)   Assisted Micro-Groms   Junior Longboard (18 & Under)
1 Jonny Herrouin 1 Sawyer Abing 1 Rodney Buck
2 Cole Saffell 2 London Meza 2 Jake Rosenberg
3 Marlo Harris 3 Koa Balk 3 Beck Cherry
4 Keegan Abing 4 Teagan Meza 4 Cash Cherry
5 Jack Barnes 5 Lucas Flores 5 Myles Gaffney
6   6 Van Parker 6 Karsten Wanke
  Open Longboard (All Ages)   Legends (45+)    
1 Marcio Natureza 1 Scott Whitmer    
2 Frank Volk 2 Tom Seth    
3 Greg McEwan 3 Mike Purpus    
4 Tom Horton 4 Greg McEwan    
5 Frankie Mazzotta 5 Tom Horton    
6 Johnny Hjorth 6 Todd Brooks    


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