Can I Trust Curacao Online Casinos? 

The online gambling industry has grown so big that there are now over a dozen different licensing jurisdictions spread across the globe to keep track of the various online gambling platforms on the internet. These jurisdictions’ roles are to regulate and issue gaming licenses to online platforms. 


There are several of these jurisdictions spread across the globe, including the Curacao gaming commission. It is one of the largest authorities in the industry, and it has managed to give out hundreds of licensees across the internet, with most of them being non GamStop casinos that are usually needed by UK residents.


Curacao, located on a Dutch Caribbean island, is one of the oldest and most prominent online gambling regulators. So it is quite popular in the industry. All online casinos that have the Curacao eGaming license on their platform have undergone a thorough investigation process and are being audited regularly by the Curacao gaming commission. 


However, the legitimacy of online casinos and their regulating authorities have always been called into question, especially the Curacao eGaming. “Especially” was used as some issues have risen over the years concerning the licenses being issued by this gaming authority. But, can you trust the license being issued by the authority? Before we discuss that, let’s go over a brief history of Dutch eGaming.


A Short History Of The Curacao eGaming


The Curacao eGaming was first launched in 1996 as “Cyberluck”, and it became one of the oldest licensing bodies in the online gambling industry. Following its founding, the body started competing with Costa Rica and Antigua for the big pie being shared by jurisdictions, who have shared a huge number of licenses ever since their launch. 

However, Curacao eGaming came along with issues rising over the years, with many stating that the regulating body has no oversights over its operators. Several online casinos and sportsbook houses with the Curacao license have shut down without paying the players they owe. Cyberluck, on the other hand, showed no action during these times, and it changed its name to Curacao eGaming in hopes of rebranding the company to improve its reputation.


Although lots have changed since the rebranding happened, Curacao eGaming still shows little concern for players in need. They choose not to interfere with issues arising between operators and players, as their only mission is to provide a platform for companies to operate legally.


Can You Trust Online Casinos Licensed By Curacao eGaming?

There are hundreds of online casinos that have been licensed and are being “allegedly” regulated by the Curacao eGaming authority. Allegedly was used in this case due to the constant scepticism about any regulation or audit being carried out. 

Curacao has a thing for attracting cheating operators, and several factors made this possible. 


One of the reasons is the low fees being asked by the gaming authority. Curacao asks for a $35,000 setup fee with $5,900 per month after registration. While this might seem like a huge sum of cash, it is quite little when you compare it to what is being charged by other regulating bodies.


The Curacao eGaming body has a reputation for taking its hands off any operator right after getting their monthly dues or setup fees. The body will refrain from acting on any issue between an operator and its players, even if the users are being ripped off.

But can you really trust an online casino with a license from Curacao? Yes and No. The answer can be a “Yes” since not all online casinos come to Curacao to rip their customers off. The answer can also be a “No” as there are some shady online casinos licensed by this regulating body, that won’t be listening to any plea if the players get ripped.


You can avoid all that drama by picking other online casinos being regulated by another gaming commission or you carry out immense research about customer reviews, security and many more before indulging in any game being offered by a Curacao online casino. You can avoid it altogether, carry out thorough research or choose another online casino licensed by a different regulating body. Those are your only three options.




Despite being one of the oldest gaming authorities in the world, Curacao’s history won’t inspire the average casino player to gamble with any of the platforms they’ve licensed. But if you must, then you should be carrying out thorough research on a specific online casino before thinking about playing its games. Check out what people have to say about them as well as their security and bonuses. If its record is clean, then it’s probably one of the legitimate online casinos that encourage customers’ satisfaction and hopes to rise in its global ranks.


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