Contest courage brings out the best at Subaru Pacific Hotdogger  

Tournament director Ed Solt and contest poster artist Brian Bent.

The 2023 Subaru Pacific Hotdogger Championships was not like other longboard contests. Most longboard contests are held at soft, small wave spots like Malibu, or San Onofre. This year’s Hotdogger was held at the Manhattan Beach pier, famous for its shorepound, and for luring surfers into its pilings. After months of no swells, solid overhead shorepound greeted the contestants Saturday morning, October 14.  To dispel grumbling that the shorepound was unsurfable, contest director Ed Solt paddled out ahead of the first heat. He caught a wave, but it took him 30 minutes, doing little to dispel the contestants’ concerns. But by then the tide had begun to retreat and contest courage took command. ER 

Top finishers:

Whirlybird — Steve Newton. Wipeout — Jonsea. Team challenge — Buchan. Nose Ride — Mia McMahon. Open Men: 1. Richie Cravey, 2. Tony Silvaghi, 3. Aidan Sautner. Open Women: 1 Nia McMahan, 2 Rilynn Baker, 3. INdie Hoffman. U18: 1. Cormac “Cove” O’Brien, 2. Baron Banuelos, 3. Riley Baker. 46-plus: 1. Gabe Finbres, 2. Davie Schaefer, 3. Jiro Ikeda.

Photos by Kevin Cody


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