Kevin Cody

Coronavirus warnings bring smiles to Hermosa Beach residents.

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A sign on Hermosa’s Greenbelt reminds residents to social distance. Photos by Kevin Cody

by Kevin Cody

Warnings around Hermosa Beach about the coronavirus, rather than scaring people, are making them smile, thanks to a creative crew at city hall.

Ideograms on park signs of a surfboard, two skateboards, a bicycle, a beach umbrella and a dog on a leash are explained by a headline that reads, “What does six feet of distance mean in Hermosa Beach?”

The signs were designed by recreation director Kambria Vint and environmental analyst Leeanne Singleton.

“After weeks of seeing signs, tape, and other barriers around the City and County restricting activities, we felt we needed to do something a little different to get people’s attention and deliver the message with a smile,” Singleton said.

With the closure of the Hermosa Playhouse, the city is posting inspirational quotes on the marquee.

The art deco sign over the Hermosa Playhouse normally announces current productions. Now that productions are banned, recreation coordinator Nick Shattuck is putting inspirational quotes on the sign. Last weeks’ quote from Maya Anelou read, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

Shattuck is a musician and recently released “The Curve,” a song that urges people to flatten the coronavirus curve (available at

Two weeks ago, the City turned the Pier Plaza and Pier Avenue lights blue in solidarity with the global #LightItBlue campaign, thanking front-line health workers. ER


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