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Dr. Pissed Off: Manhattan, Hermosa Redondo residents, wear your damned masks

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New COVID-19 cases over the last seven days (June 21 to June 28). Chart by Subliminal Source: Los Angeles County Department of Health

by Dr. Pissed Off

People are idiots.

This week, a patient said he had a cough and had himself tested, but hadn’t received the results. He asked, What should he do?

I told him to assume he has the Plague and quarantine himself until he gets the results.

Where do you think you got it?

At a relative’s funeral in Dallas.

Did people at the church, the burial and wake wear masks and maintain social distancing? 


Then you need to notify everyone at the funeral that you are sick, unsure as to the cause, you are awaiting the results of a COVID test and  you will notify them as soon as your results are known.

How did you get home?

I flew.

Then you need to notify the airline you may have exposed everyone on your flight to the Plague.

Right after I got home, I went to a company wide party. I was still not clearly ill.

Did you wear a mask? 


Did anyone wear a mask? 


Send out a company wide notice stating the same as above.

My wife’s not sick. Should she stay in a motel?

Was she at the same gathering that you were at? Yes.

Did she come in contact with the same people as you? Yes.

No, just wear a mask at home, stay six feet apart and sleep in separate bedrooms until both of your test results are known. She may be pre symptomatic or asymptomatic. The onset of contagion after a COVID exposure may be as short as a day or two. The median onset of symptoms is five to six days and may be as long as 14 days or more.

Manhattan Beach had 26 new cases in the last seven days (June 21 to June 28). That’s a 20 percent increases in one week. Hermosa had 16 new cases, a 22 percent increase. Redondo had 21 new cases, a 10 percent increase. But people are still more worried about whether or not to pay their housekeeper whose not cleaning their house, than if they’ll get infected.

The Beach Cities should redeploy the security guards they paid to keep people off The Strand to order people to people to wear masks.

Dr. Pissed Off is a Beach Cities general practitioner. ER



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