Easy Ways to Cover Up Imperfections in Your Californian Rental

Choosing an affordable rental property in California is not always easy. You may be set on moving to a particular city but cannot find a home that suits your needs. Often, people end up choosing properties with imperfections since it can be the only option they can comfortably afford.

If this sounds like you then you are not alone. Since you are probably spending more time at home right now than you normally do, these imperfections might be starting to irritate you. Perhaps you have stained carpets or old radiators that keep catching your eye. Unfortunately, not a lot of landlords are going to be interested in replacing them prior to you moving in.

 But the good news is that there are easy ways to cover up the damage and make your new place in California homely. You can also do it in a way that is not going to upset your landlord too.



Purchase Rugs

When you discover stains on the carpet from the previous tenant, it can make your home feel dirty. In fact, it is safe to say that your eye will go to the stain every time you are in the room. But instead of hiring a professional carpet cleaner and having to splash the cash, you can simply buy rugs, such as those Turkish rugs online.

Buying rugs is going to cover up the stains so that you do not have to see them and it can also add to your décor. This avoids having to spend money on something that is your landlord’s problem. Plus, you can take the rugs away with you when your lease is up.

Cover the Radiators

If your rental is an older style property, the radiators might be the first thing that shows its age. They can be rusty and discolored. This can bring down the look of the room. But one way to prevent this from spoiling your home is choosing a radiator cover. This is an affordable accessory that has the ability to transform any space. They are affordable and simply attach to the wall. This covers the radiator and allows you to enjoy another surface.

 If your rented property does have older radiators or appliances it is always recommended that you invest in insurance in case there are any accidents. For instance, Lemonade has renters insurance Californians actually love, because it is affordable and covers many mishaps and disasters you might encounter in your home. Therefore, when you are upgrading your home, do not forget to add renters insurance to your list for peace of mind.

Peel and Stick Tiles

Bathroom floors can make your home look unclean. Linoleum and other flooring used in bathrooms discolour over time and really show the age of a rental. Instead of having to renew the flooring, which most landlords will not do, you can always use peel and stick tiles. This is going to allow you to enjoy new flooring but without damaging the actual floor underneath. They are easy to lay since they have a sticky backing. This is going to keep them securely in place. There are lots of cool styles available and they do not cost a lot. You can choose one to complement your décor. Plus, when your lease is up, you can simply peel the tiles you used and it will be like nothing was ever there! Check out your local tile dealer and see if they have some.

Use Self-Adhesive Film

One place in the kitchen that always looks worn is the countertops. Previous tenants may have left knife marks and over time, this can make any material appear old. But before you complain to your landlord, consider using self-adhesive film. This is a roll of paper that you can stick to almost any surface. You can choose from patterns such as marble to give your rented kitchen a facelift. It is easy to remove when your lease ends too. It can make your countertops look like new without having to spend a fortune.

Install LED Lighting

Are there rooms in your new property that are dark and depressing? While you cannot go out and install new lights, you can purchase LED strip lights or lighting instead. You can place these anywhere since they have a sticky backing. They are not going to cause damage to surfaces. You can place them anywhere in your home, whether this is behind the television, under kitchen cupboards or around your bed. They are affordable and offer many lighting colors so you can add some character to your new Californian home. You can also check out sites like https://mzelectric.com/what-light-ballast/ for other lighting ideas.


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