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Endless Session, Day 318: Surf Cavalry

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The surf calvalry. Photo by Morgan Sliff

The surf calvalry. Photo by Morgan Sliff

by Morgan Sliff

The surf cavalry had arrived.

The Jose B’s (Bacallao and Barahona) along with Boris Vishnevsky and Mike Leko had volunteered their serf-vices, and with a dislocated shoulder and in a world of one-handed struggles, I was beyond happy to have my comrades alongside me.

I swam into the Pacific in my shorty suit, freezing water filling the space between the neoprene and my skin.  Used to paddling atop my longboard, I like the feel of cold water on my legs and hands, mostly because I’m not completely submerged.  But unable to get a fullsuit around my arm and dawned in a thin springsuit, I came through the first wave hyperventilating with an ice cream headache.

Swimming beside me, Jose Barahona steadied my board as I used my left hand to get to my knees.  With a helpful thrust I sailed into the first wave, up for a second and falling quickly after, the water softening my landing a bit as I protectively held my right arm close to my side.  I had initially thought this would be much easier.

Another up and down wave and I made a few one armed paddles back out, ditching the board when a set wave threatened to shake things up a bit.  Bacallao paddled it back out to me with a slight look of concern, and I gave him the thumbs up when he released it into my hands.  The guys caught a few more waves themselves, and while Barahona wasn’t looking, tears of frustration started streaming down my face.  I’ve had a lot of injuries during this journey, but this is really quite shitty.

At Dr. Scale’s house, a few more came spraying out of the ducts.  From pain, frustration, concern, and fear.  “Shoulder is back in.  But, my concern is you might have a small tear.”

Shit just got shittier.


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