Essay Writers – 8 Tips to Write the Perfect Essay in College

The first time I had to write an essay in college was the most exciting day of my life. If you know me, then you know how obsessed I am with writing, and I literally could not contain my excitement while writing my first essay in college (I’m pretty sure I used all caps). Now that I have graduated and am pursuing my career in writing, I want to help out any fellow college students who are struggling with how to write essays or struggling to become essay writer. This blog contains 8 tips on how to write the perfect essay in college!


1) Use Structure

One of the best ways to improve your essay is by using structure. Use transitional phrases like firstly, secondly, and lastly. These are great for helping you stay organized and work through an argument more clearly. Make sure you begin each sentence with an important idea, too!


2) Provide Support for Your Opinions

Providing support for your ideas will help build credibility and make your essay more persuasive. Support can take many forms: anecdotes, statistics, examples from literature, historical evidence, expert testimony, comparisons with past events or similar circumstances. The best way to provide support is through relevant facts and research. Examples from personal experience can be powerful too; just try not to use them as substitutes for actual evidence.


3) Balance Action and Description

While action scenes are fun to write, they won’t move your story forward if you don’t include scenes that explain what is happening. Action and description should be balanced so that events have impact on your story. Check out our list of descriptive verbs here. Remember, too much description will slow down a scene and bore your reader. Balance it with action!


4) Focus on Keywords

When you are asked to write an essay, make sure that you understand what your professor wants from you. Is it analytical? Informative? Persuasive? Make sure you know exactly what they want and then use keywords that relate to your assignment. The right keywords can get you more marks and help you establish yourself as a valuable writer who understands their subject. A great way of doing this is by using SEO tools such as Google AdWords.


5) Be Concise

Most college professors have a lot of material they need to cover. They also don’t have much time with which to cover it. That means they won’t have time to read long, flowery introductions or flabby endings. Make sure that every sentence is relevant and has a purpose. Also be careful not to overuse adverbs or adjectives; your writing should speak for itself, so let it do its job without you trying too hard.


7) Use Transition Words and Phrases

If you are writing a college essay, then you are probably looking for ways that you can make your admissions essay stand out from others. One great way to do so is by including transition words and phrases within your writing. These types of words help to connect one idea with another, and they also allow you to add variety into your writing style. Transition words and phrases help your reader follow along with what you are saying, while also keeping them interested in what they will read next. Some examples of transition words include however, therefore, nevertheless, on the other hand, etc.


8) Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

Sure, it might seem like an obvious tip, but it’s a necessary one. Don’t assume that your paper is all set after you finished writing; instead, read over your work—and have someone else (maybe from read it. If you aren’t good at finding mistakes on your own, find a friend who can help you check for errors. It’s worth taking time out of your schedule to make sure everything is perfect before handing in your essay.


6) Engage Your Reader

The first step in writing an essay is to decide on what angle you’re going to write from. Are you going for purely factual information, or will your essay be something more analytical? Even though there are no right answers when it comes to opinion-based essays, there are right ways and wrong ways of approaching them.


Above all, be punctual. Here is how and why:


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