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Expert Tips for Women Buying Used Cars

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According to a report in Forbes Magazine, 54% of cars bought in the US are bought by women, and about 84% influence any car buying decision in the household. 

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But despite this impressive statistic, most women dread buying cars, and for good reasons too. Women are often patronized, ignored or ripped off when they visit car dealerships to buy cars, and it gets worse when they are buying used cars.

Most car dealers believe that women have no idea about cars and the car buying process, and they take advantage of that. But this should not be your experience.

This article contains several tips that would help you overcome this barrier and make the right decision when next you want to buy a used car.

Know what you want

As a woman, the first step in buying used cars is knowing exactly what you want. In fact, before entering into any car dealership, take time to read up on the car models you want. Research to know how your choice cars fit in to your lifestyle, financial situation, and driving habits. For example, if you are a low to middle income earner, you want to avoid the gas guzzling cars with V6 and V8 engines

Negotiate price, not payment

The next step in buying used car as a woman is to determine beforehand what you can afford. If your financial situation can buy a Toyota Corolla, there is no point looking at a fancy Chevrolet. 

When you finally find a car you like, rather than negotiating payment plans, you can confidently negotiate price because you know you can afford the car with the cash you have available. The car salesperson will try to offer you a payment plan, if you fall into this trap, chances are you will not get a good deal. 

Photo by averie woodard

Look us for past and potential issues

Because you are a woman buying a used car, the car salesperson may want to pass off a problematic car to you, assuming unfairly that you don’t know what to look for. 

If you are buying a brand-new car, there is little or nothing to worry about, as you would likely get new car warranty, but when buying used cars, it is important that you know what to look out for. 

If you don’t have mechanical knowledge about cars, consider taking an auto mechanic along who will help you check for potential problems. 

It is also vital that you check for past problems when buying used cars. The best way to go about this is by checking the history of the car, including accidents, repairs, and police problems. Running a quick free VIN check will provide you with the relevant information. 

Drive before you buy

Once you are satisfied with your car selection and its price, it is important that you take the car for a test drive before signing any contract or handing over any cash.

Preferably, test drive the car in a quiet neighborhood so that you can hear the engine and hear any foreign sound that you cannot account for. 

Also, if you test drive the car during the day, it is a good idea to come back later in the evening to test drive at night. This way, you can check the all the interior and exterior lights are working properly.


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