Five Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for the person you love can be hard. With the past year we’ve had, everyone deserves a lot more than your run-of-the-mill present. I’ve decided to make the search easier by sharing some useful and unique Father’s Day gifts curated for the specific type of dad in your life. These are gifts that he’ll actually appreciate! Skip the tie this year and opt for something out of the box instead.


  1. The Intellectual Dad


If there’s one thing we know about dads, it’s that they love imparting knowledge on those around them. We love a Dad who is always learning. Who better to give us random facts that’ll stick with us for a lifetime? I came across The Book of Unusual Knowledge a few months ago and it is perfect for the intellectual dad. This massive book is filled to the brim with articles, games, tidbits, and more over a wide range of topics. If your dad loves exercising his mind, this is the gift for him! This book can be ordered online through a bunch of different retailers or downloaded as a PDF.


  1. The Self-Care Dad


We love a man that takes care of himself! Though he may not be going out as much as he used to these days, gifting Dad any Manscaped product will give him a sense of normalcy. Manscaped has a myriad products ranging from nose trimmers to sheers to body and groin trimmers. Their new performance package features two trimmers, a mat, the Crop Preserver deodorant, the Crop Reviver toner, and complimentary toiletry bag and underwear. Head to to get Manscaped discount codes on Manscaped products. Trust me, your dad will treasure this more than you know!


  1. The Party Dad


Is Dad looking for the rush he used to get when he’d go out to the bar with his friends or after a long day of work? A mixology kit is the perfect way to bring the bar home! There are a bunch of options out there, but I came upon the Mixology Crew online, and absolutely loved the fact that they have a comprehensive cocktail kit, downloadable cocktail recipes, and a running blog for beginner, intermediate, and more advanced mixologists. Regardless of his level, Dad is sure to appreciate it (and you) after the last year we’ve had!


  1. The Work-From-Home Dad


I feel for this dad; I really do! With millions of people working from home this past year, it’s hard to find that work/home balance since the two have essentially blended into one. If your dad doesn’t have headphones or frequently wears earphones to get work done and communicate with people outside, I recommend buying him noise canceling headphones. Headphones are better for hearing and overall ear health since they don’t send sound straight to the canal. That, plus he’ll be able to effectively cancel out all the other goings on at home and better focus on work. There are a bunch of noise canceling headphones on the market. For the price and the quality, I recommend the Sony WH-1000XM3, but there are a ton of great other options as well, and I’m sure Dad will love whichever you choose to buy.


  1. The TikTok Dad


Okay, hear me out: Boomers and Gen X are not that far removed from Gen Z! More and more parents and older professionals are sharing their knowledge and daily lives with us on social media, and I’m here for it! A ring light is the perfect way to take Dad’s content quality to the next level. The adjustable tripod stands are easy enough to make smaller and set on top of a work table, or to set far away to fully capture his dance challenge. Ring lights can be found almost anywhere electronics are sold and at major retail stores. The next time Dad does a story time or wants to show off his new lasagne recipe, make sure it’s lit. (see what I did there?)


There’s something for every kind of Dad out there. Getting him a personalized gift will show him how thoughtful you are; getting him a useful and unique Father’s Day gift will show him that you’re thoughtful AND that you know him better than anyone else.


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