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Gallas, Sabina win South Bay Boardriders/ET Surf contest in Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan Beach Middle School eighth grader Ava Miller keeps smiling under challenging circumstances. She finished third in the Open Women’s division. Photo by Kevin Cody

After overhead storm surf at the December and January South Bay Boardriders contest, waist high waves and glassy, light offshore conditions at the SBBC ET Surf contest were a pleasant respite, especially for the nearly 50 groms (12 and under) who competed. The contest was held Saturday at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach.

The mild conditions allowed off duty Los Angeles County Lifeguard Shane Gallas to take his eyes off swimmers long enough to win the Open Men’s division. South High’s Parker Browning landed a 360 in an early heat, but couldn’t find a fast enough wave to repeat the feat in the finals. He finished second and Mira Costa’s Alex Fry was third.

Mira Costa’s Charlotte Sabina, in her first Boardrider contest of the season, won the open women’s division. Fellow Mustang Morgan Seth was second Ava Miller was third.

[See photo gallery following results]

South Bay Boardriders/ET Surf contest results: Feb. 10, 2018 at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach

  Open Men   Open Women   Juniors (18 & Under)
1 Shane Gallas 1 Charlotte Sabina 1 Daniel Boos
2 Parker Browning 2 Megan Seth 2 Parker Browning
3 Alex Fry 3 Ava Miller 3 Alex Fry
4 Chad Parks 4 Lisa Boos 4 Joey Samuelian
5 Victor Erland 5 Kate Russell 5 Brendan Griffin
6 Chris Stimpfl 6 Emily Flavin 6 Chad Parks
  Junior Women (18 & Under)   Boys (14 & Under)   Groms (12 & Under)
1 Olivia Lusby 1 Sam Moore 1 Karsten Wanke
2 Megan Seth 2 Joey Samuelian 2 Quincy Fredriksz
3 Lisa Boos 3 Daniel Boos 3 Stone Seligson
4 Ava Miller 4 Brendan Griffin 4 Matheus Sperb
5 Chloe Osborn 5 Gavin Lusby 5 Nicholas Carroll
6 Alexa Niemann 6 Lucas Horta 6 Gavin Lusby
  Micro-Groms (9 & Under)   Assisted Micro-Groms   Junior Longboard (18 & Under)
1 Cruz Dinofa 1 Patrick Carroll 1 Rodney Buck
2 Jonny Herrouin 2 Maddie Stanton 2 Luke Pond
3 Jett Rocket Prefontaine 3 Teagan Meza 3 Trevor Khan
4 Marlo Harris 4 Adele Bouvet 4 Myles Gaffney
5 Cole Saffell 5 Ava Saffell 5 Beck Cherry
6 Jack Barnes 6 Gavin Kingston 6 Philip Barnett
  Open Longboard (All Ages)   Legends (45+)    
1 Jiro Ikeda 1 Tom Seth    
2 Shane Gallas 2 Chris Frohoff    
3 Greg McEwan 3 Chris Moseley    
4 John Balk 4 Scott Whitmer    
5 Johnny Hjorth 5 Troy Campbell    
6 Trevor Khan 6 Joey Lombardo    

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