Great Movies That Did Not Win Oscar

There have been films that have grabbed a lot of attention, sparked interesting debates, and received plenty of reviews. They were nominated for an Oscar but did not win. Nevertheless, watching them is as exciting as playing at the best casinos without GamStop in the UK. Here is the list of those movies. Make sure to watch them if you haven’t already.

There Will Be Blood

Genre: Drama, History

USA, 2007

Duration: 158 min

IMDb: 8.1


Beginning of the 20th century. Entrepreneur Daniel Plainview searches for gold and silver and finds oil. Over several years, he has become a successful oilman, having already developed several wells. One day he learns about a new deposit. Daniel seizes this opportunity to become wealthy and does everything he can to achieve his goal.

La La Land

Genre: Musical, Drama, Romance, Comedy

USA, Hong Kong, 2016

Duration: 128 min

IMDb: 8.1


Mia is a young girl living in Los Angeles. She works as a waiter in one of the cafes and dreams of becoming a famous actress. The girl attends many castings, but she has not yet managed to get the long-awaited role. One day she meets a young pianist Sebastian, who recently lost his job. The guy dreams of opening his jazz club, where he will perform his favourite works, but for now, he has to work in restaurants and bars for pennies. At first sight, feelings flare up between the young people, which gives them faith in their abilities. Gradually they begin to achieve success, but…

The Revenant

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Adventure, Western

USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, 2015

Duration: 156 min

IMDb: 8.0


Hunter Hugh Glass is seriously injured in the uncharted expanses of the American Wild West. Hugh’s comrade in the squad of conquerors of new lands, John Fitzgerald, treacherously leaves him to die alone. Now Glass has only one weapon left – his willpower. He is ready to challenge the primitive nature, harsh winter and hostile Indian tribes, only to survive and take revenge on Fitzgerald.


Dallas Buyers Club


Genre: Drama, Biography

USA, 2013

Duration: 118 min

IMDb: 8.0


The true story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas electrician who was diagnosed with AIDS in 1985. The doctors gave him only 30 days, but he did not want to accept the death sentence and managed to prolong his life by taking unconventional medicines. He then set up an underground business selling them to other patients.

Django Unchained

Genre: Drama, Western, Adventure, Comedy

USA, 2012

Duration: 165 min

IMDb: 8.4


Schultz is an eccentric bounty hunter who tracks down and shoots the most dangerous criminals. He frees a slave named Django because he can help him find the three bandits. Django knows these guys by sight because he has his scores to settle with them.

The Help

Genre: Drama

USA, India, UAE, 2011

Duration: 146 min

IMDb: 8.1


This film adaptation of the novel of the same name was released on big screens in 2011. Even though this is a rather serious drama, there is enough humour in it that gives great pleasure to the viewer. Every detail of the film was worked out to the smallest detail. The lushly stylized 60s will appeal to many film lovers.


The plot of the film takes place in the American South in the 1960s. A girl named Skeeter has just graduated from university and returns home to the sleepy small town of Jackson. The girl dreams of becoming a writer and breaking out into the big and noisy world. But a decent girl from the South is not supposed to create such illusions; she should get married and stay at home with children. A wise and old black woman, Aibileen, has been a servant and raised children all her life. She no longer lives in hopes of the best after her son dies. Young Skeeter’s friend, named Minnie, has been working as a maid for a long time. Minnie’s sharp tongue has served her well more than once. These three women have one thing in common – they want to find a sense of justice and want to change the order of things. 


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Adventure, Crime

USA, Germany, 2014

Duration: 100 min

IMDb: 8.1


The film tells about the exciting adventures of the legendary concierge Gustav and his young friend, receptionist Zero Mustafa. Hotel employees witness the theft and search for priceless Renaissance paintings, the struggle for the huge fortune of a wealthy family and… dramatic changes in Europe between two bloody wars of the 20th century.


The story unfolds in numerous unexpected and entertaining directions, each filled with eccentricity. The cast delivers first-rate, highly comedic performances, featuring F. Murray Abraham, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, along with fantastic cameos from Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, Tom Wilkinson, Owen Wilson, Jude Law, and several others whom I regret forgetting to mention.


Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Drama, Adventure

UK, USA, 2009

Duration: 162 min

IMDb: 7.8


Jake Sully is a wheelchair-bound former Marine. Despite his weak body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He receives the task of travelling several light years to the base of earthlings on the planet Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral that is of great importance for the Earth’s recovery from the energy crisis.



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