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Hahn seeks Governor’s approval for local businesses to reopen, secures bike path reopening; Manhattan City Council approves opening businesses

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All LA County bike paths reopened this morning.

by Mark McDermott

Supervisor Janice Hahn responded to the Manhattan Beach City Council’s request to help local businesses reopen by this weekend with a letter to Mayor Richard Montgomery last night in which she expressed a willingness to intervene: 

“I too have become increasingly concerned with the stringent guidelines for businesses outlined in the Safer at Home ordinance,” Hahn wrote. “What seemed to be a necessary measure at the early onset of this crisis has unintentionally created winners and losers in this ‘pandemic economy,’ with large retail businesses able to operate, while small retail businesses are limited to curbside pickup. This needs to change. 

These guidelines come from the State, not the County. That is why I have written to Governor Newsom today, asking him to amend the State’s health order immediately to allow all retailers to open up for in-store shopping as long as their customers and employees wear masks and practice physical distancing. If these measures are working to keep essential retail businesses open and safe, they can certainly be applied to all retailers. I will also work with our Public Health Director to ensure this can be put into place as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your leadership, we’re in this together, I’m on your side.” 

The Manhattan Beach City Council on Thursday morning voted unanimously to proceed with business re-opening, regardless of whether Newsom gives his approval. 

Hahn was able to deliver on another promise, from Tuesday, when she issued a tweet in which she said she was in talks with Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer about reopening county bike paths. This morning she issued another tweet, with a bicycle emoji: “LA County’s beach bike paths are now open! Welcome back!”


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