How Can Call Centers Help with Mass Tort Intake Services?

A mass tort is one big wrongful action that injures many different people. For example, when an industrial factory disposes toxic waste into sources of drinking water, causing illnesses to the victims. In such situations, the victims can come together to seek justice for their injuries against the factory in one mass tort lawsuit. In mass tort claims, the plaintiffs seeking justice are usually very many in number. This means that once your law firm starts advertising to victims seeking legal representation in mass tort, your staff may find it difficult to keep up with the flood of inquiries from potential clients.

This is where call centers come in. When you hire a call center to assist you with the numerous calls, they will provide the potential clients with quick and clear answers tailored by you. For instance, the team can take relevant data from the callers, for example, whether they have used a particular product or drug, and whether they have developed illnesses or symptoms that are consistent with the other mass tort plaintiffs. Call centers can help your law firm with mass tort intake in the following ways:

Offering 24/7 call center support

If your law firm is handling mass torts, then your firm needs to be reachable through the phone 24/7, including after hours and during holidays as well. If you answer the claimant questions in a timely and efficient manner, you will stand out from other law firms. The best way to do this is by hiring call center services, so their agents can provide answers to potential clients, when and where they need them, whether that is through the phone or through live chat support.

Filtering the plaintiffs

Great call centers will help you filter the plaintiffs to remove potentially fraudulent claims and leads that cannot be converted into clients. They can do this by subjecting the callers to custom-devised questionnaires or data entry services tailored by you. When a lead meets all the criteria that has been set by you, the agents can then schedule legal consultations with your firm and refer the person to you.

Following up on your leads

Your law firm probably has leads coming in via your social media pages or website. Although it is important to contact these leads immediately, your law firm may lack the resources to follow up on every lead. However, call centers have the staff and technology to contact every single lead, which will greatly improve your conversion rate.

Chasing forgotten leads

The call center agents can also contact all the leads that you may have given up on in the past and convert them into clients. In addition, they can sign these clients up with digital contracts immediately, which will in turn increase the number of your clients. Therefore, when you work with these professionals, they will help you have the highest number of qualified clients as you proceed with the mass tort case.

Contract acquisition service

After the call center professional has talked to a potential client and seen that the person has qualified to be included in the mass tort action, the professional can send the client your retainer contract digitally and obtain the client’s signature on the retainer agreement. Employing a contract acquisition service will make your law firm stand out from your competitors.

Conducting welcome calls

Sometimes when new clients do not hear from their lawyers within the first 24-48 hours, they may start losing interest and may feel unimportant. Contact center agents can prevent this from occurring by making welcome calls to all newly retained customers. This will make the clients know that your firm values them and enables them to know what to expect in the early process of the case. Furthermore, welcome calls will help your law firm make a great first impression to clients.

They have expertise

The professionals answering the calls have experience in handling product liability, personal injury, defective medical devices and dangerous drug cases among others. In addition, many call center agents who deal with mass tort cases have received in-depth training in mass tort terminology, empathy, communication techniques and call control before engaging with clients. Therefore, they have a lot of legal knowledge and can give accurate answers to your potential clients. In addition, you can customize the script that you would like them to follow when talking to your potential clients, so they can answer in a manner that promotes your brand and reflects your brand values.


A call center can help your law firm get more mass tort clients by providing 24/7 call center support, answering every call, finding qualified cases and following up on leads. In addition, they contact forgotten leads, convert leads into clients and conduct welcome calls to newly acquired clients to tell them what to expect in their legal process of seeking justice. Therefore, your law firm can greatly benefit from hiring call center services.


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