There are enough offers on the market for working in SMM, because the business is now actively developing this area. Moreover, during a crisis, such specialists continue to work successfully remotely, they are less likely to be fired. This is because they help businesses increase sales and keep in touch with customers. Such a manager will not replace the sales department, but it is in his power to improve the work of the company.

You can often hear the opinion that this profession is very easy and does not require special knowledge. As a rule, people think that it is enough for an SMM specialist to write posts (according to a content plan or even without it), monitor comments, and if you need to attract an audience, then buy real Instagram followers (so as not to waste time setting up advertising). Such a range of responsibilities really looks attractive, but is it true? Let’s figure it out in this article.

Where does the demand for social media professionals come from:

  • companies that did not previously have a presence on Facebook or Instagram are catching up, realizing that without social networks they are missing out on profits;
  • startups and new brands entering the market are immediately looking for an SMM specialist to join the team;
  • employers who are faced with the low professionalism of past SMM workers are trying to find a new person to join the team or to work remotely.

There are also a lot of applicants for the vacancy of smm-specialists. There are many courses, guides, training videos, paid and free webinars on the Internet, in which beginners try to learn a profession. Most people on social media are self-taught. If a person maintains his own pages on Facebook or Instagram, then he thinks that he is well versed in the SMM field. Unfortunately, this is how most beginners think. But as soon as such candidates come for an interview, 99% of them fail.

As a result, employers complain that bloggers live in a different dimension and do not realize what tasks business needs to solve in social networks. And candidates are surprised why after 10 interviews they were not invited to work anywhere. Is there a way out of this problem?

To answer this question, let’s first understand what a specialist in the field of SMM is. Let’s give a concrete definition, agree on the terms.

An SMM manager is a person who owns the skills and tools of social media marketing. This person:

  1. Understands classical marketing, knows how advertising works. Has an understanding of consumer behavior and purchase decision mechanisms.
  2. Knows how to set up targeted advertising on Facebook / Instagram.
  3. Understands what influencer marketing is, knows how to work with bloggers.
  4. Has community management skills. Knows how to attract subscribers to the discussion, how to process negative comments.
  5. Can choose a design for a community or account, knows how to work in photo editors to make pictures for publications, has editing skills, makes high-quality stories, etc.
  6. He knows how to write texts, collect and structure information, interview experts and write in the tone of a brand. Spelling and punctuation should be at a high level.
  7. Can create a content plan and generate ideas about what to write about and how, when is the best time to post.
  8. Knows how to track and analyze the results of their work. Can adjust campaigns based on analytical data.
  9. Able to work in a team, listen to other people, offer their own ideas and get along with others, has discipline and responsibly approaches tasks, is attentive.
  10. He knows the features of all social platforms, follows new trends, studies successful and failed cases, and is always up to date.

An impressive list, isn’t it? Now let’s compare it with what many people still understand as the duties of a specialist in this field: this is someone who posts pictures and ready-made texts on a schedule and blocks haters in the comments.

This work, as you can see, seems quite simple. This idea is promoted by various do-it-yourself course authors who say they can teach you how to make good money by working two hours a day.

Poor quality courses can ruin your career

Why do low-quality courses attract people and sell well? Because people always want easy money. There are many more people who want to earn big money doing nothing than those who are ready to grow professionally and master serious skills that are in demand on the market. And if you promise mountains of gold with a minimum investment of time and money, and even without straining your mind, then the demand will be huge.

As a result, after several wasted webinars, graduates receive meaningless certificates and go to work, proudly calling themselves SMM specialists. On labor exchanges, they see a lot of vacancies and begin to respond.

But they just don’t have the skills and understanding of what their job really is. They do not understand why the employer wants to give them a lot of responsibilities, because they are used to writing posts. As a maximum, they can buy Instagram followers to increase account statistics. However, no other skills are given by quick courses.

Yes, a large company can afford to hire a person separately to create accounts, separately to set up targeted advertising, and separately to moderate the community. But in large companies, there are more tasks, and the requirements are higher. However, novice specialists are not ready to take responsibility for a large number of cases.

Therefore, it is difficult for an employer to find a suitable candidate.

What to do to become a high-level specialist?

We share with you some tips on how to become a professional in this field.

  1. Learn the responsibilities of the profession

If you are still sure that you can get a good salary for posting, then it’s time to leave such delusions in the past. Say goodbye to everyone who promises you quick money without effort.

  1. Get a quality knowledge base

Since the range of skills should be wide enough, then for a start it is worth getting a solid base, on which more applied knowledge will later fall much easier. Give preference to courses that offer well-structured programs, step by step to master the profession.

  1. Spend a lot of time practicing

You should be able to do everything on your own, even if you aspire to a position where you only need to set tasks and supervise someone else’s work. Choose educational programs with practical elements, during which you will receive feedback from experienced professionals.

  1. Carefully study the composition of experts (your mentors)

If you have questions about their experience, should you trust them? The best digital schools are engaged in a real selection of experts, inviting recognized professionals from well-known brand companies and large digital agencies to teach.

  1. Don’t stop at professional knowledge, develop soft-skills

An important skill for an SMM specialist is the ability to communicate with the customer and the project manager, as well as build healthy working relationships within the team. This greatly facilitates employment and the process of work itself.


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