How to Cashout at Online Casinos Using Cryptocurrencies

If you haven’t heard the news already, cryptocurrencies are the red-hot topic globally. The rise and fall of Bitcoin and the emergence of other cryptos such as Ethereum have taken over the Internet by storm. Investing in crypto is a heavily debated topic, with many experts believing it’s a better investment than anything else. Crypto prices are jumping up and down, so volatility is a bit of a problem. It’s not a problem for casino players , though, who find cryptocurrencies a perfect payment method. For more on trusted online casino payment methods, just visit

The online gambling industry didn’t stay immune to the crypto bug. You can now use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin to deposit and withdraw from hundreds of online casinos. And we’re not talking obscure sites. We’re talking reputable casinos who couldn’t resist crypto’s charm. The blockchain is widely recognized as the future of the iGaming industry, and thanks to the potential it has, it can certainly help it.

Of course, being the new kid on the block, players have a lot of questions about cryptos. One of the most commonly asked ones is how to cashout at online casinos using cryptocurrencies, and that’s the topic we’ll discuss in this article.

Are Cryptocurrency Casinos Safe?

The thing about online casino safety is that you need to pick a reputable site in order to enjoy a safe experience. This means that you will be absolutely safe at a licensed casino that also offers SSL encryption. Your private data and transactions will be encrypted in this case, so it doesn’t matter if you use cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

What makes crypto casinos safer than the bunch is the blockchain. On its own, the blockchain doesn’t share any details about you. It’s a decentralized technology that’s not controlled by a bank or any other financial organization. The anonymity is a big part of why players feel safe using cryptos and why cryptocurrency casinos are safe as well.

If you want to test the waters yourself, find the best Ethereum casino in the USA and connect your crypto wallet. You won’t be sharing any important details, financial or personal, so you’re 100% safe to use the casino and deposit and cashout with your crypto of choice.

Can Cryptos Be Used for Deposits and Withdrawals?

Cryptocurrencies in online casinos can be used in the same way you use Visa or Mastercard. They’re all legit options to make a deposit and withdraw your money and are even faster than using alternative payment methods. However, you do need to connect your wallet to the casino first and, of course, have some coins in it.

As soon as you do that, you’ll have your crypto account ready to make deposits with ease and cash your winnings out.

How to Use Cryptocurrencies in Casinos

First things first – if you want to use cryptocurrencies in a casino, you’ll have to buy some. Cryptos aren’t fiat money, so you can’t walk in an exchange place and buy them. Well, you can, but you’re doing that digitally. You will need to register an account with a reputable exchange such as Binance. Once your profile is verified via email, you can browse the market and find cryptos worth investing into.

And yes, you can buy cryptocurrencies with credit or debit cards, or even exchange one crypto for another. Once you have your coins ready, reputable exchanges will offer to store them in a wallet for free. You will most likely need to set up your wallet with a passcode which will then be ready to connect to other services like casinos.

  • Create an account with a verified exchange
  • Go to your spot wallet or read instructions on how to create it
  • Select the cryptocurrency you want to use and copy the deposit address
  • Follow the guide on your casino of choice to copy the address or connect your crypto wallet
  • Validate the transfer, and your cryptos should be ready right away

How to Withdraw Using Crypto

Withdrawing with crypto is not very harder than making a deposit. Once again, it involves your crypto wallet. This time, you should copy the deposit address from your wallet and enter it on the withdrawal page of your casino account. Make sure you’re withdrawing in the same cryptocurrency. For example, a Bitcoin wallet can only withdraw BTC.

Once you’ve copied the address, click on Validate and wait for the money to arrive. Even if you’re a new player in the world of crypto gambling, it shouldn’t be hard to cash your winnings out.

Additionally, the top crypto casinos in the USA might have guidelines on the matter, so you’ll be walked through every step of the way.

Processing Times

Everyone’s wondering how fast crypto casino cashouts are, and we say it depends. Faster than other options for sure, but only if the casino allows it. There’s no obstacle in terms of speed from the blockchain side. It allows fast transactions that are completed in minutes at max. On the other hand, casinos can drag this process out a lot, so those minutes can turn into days.

The good news is that there are casinos where crypto cashouts take no more than a day. That’s a reasonable time to release your winnings from a casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. These are usually released after a pending approval period which can last whatever the casino specifies.

Crypto Withdrawal Fees

There are usually no fees when it comes to casino crypto cashouts, but the blockchain might have some. Inter-crypto exchange transactions are free of charge, but since you’re withdrawing from a casino, there might be a tiny fee included.

These are generally negligible amounts that won’t move your cryptocurrencies up or down. The fact remains that cryptocurrencies are safe and secure to use in online casinos, and are faster for withdrawals than any other payment method.

Plus, you get to play special Bitcoin or crypto games that fiat money casinos don’t have. If you want to ride the new and brave crypto wave, join a cryptocurrency casino right now.


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