How to Choose a Research Topic for Your Literature Essay

Choosing a research topic is one of the most important issues while writing an essay. The main reason for it is that you will need to find reliable information to use in your paper. By choosing the wrong topic, you may create some difficulties for yourself. Follow our guide to find out how to choose the best topic for your paper. 

First of all, think of a strong and relevant topic for your assignment. There are numerous literature essay topics and you need to find one that is specific enough to discuss it in the paper but at the same time not too narrow. The thing is that if you will choose a bright topic, you’ll not be able to develop it in your paper. On the contrary, if you will choose something too narrow, it will be difficult to find enough information in articles that relate to it. 

It is also a good idea to determine what type of essay you will write. There are several of them that will help you to achieve your goals: narrative, argumentative, compare and contrast one, and so on. Different types of essays have different requirements that you will need to follow to write a great paper. And you will need to frame up your topic to these requirements. 

Brainstorming is another great idea. You can start with the first simple topic that will come to your mind and try to develop it into something more interesting. Think about the issues that are connected to this topic and might be interesting to the reader. And don’t forget about yourself! The topic should be interesting to you because it is you who will need to spend several days with it.


Try choosing three good topics. Make brief preliminary research for each of them. It will allow you to understand which one is the most interesting one and whether there is enough information for your future paper. If the topic is too broad, try to refine it to make it less general. From all the ideas you have, choose the strongest and start working on it. 

Finally, think about what is more interesting for you. Such an approach will make the whole process of writing a paper easier for you. Moreover, you will be able to ask the right questions to answer them in the assignment. An interesting topic will inspire you and you will feel energized and involved to complete the assignment successfully. In such a way, writing will be a piece of cake for you and you will spend less time and effort to complete it. 

These simple tips are really useful when you start working on the assignment. However, if you still have problems picking a topic, you can just google them. Don’t take the exact ones proposed by the service but try using them as an inspiration for your future writing. 



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