How to get more views on your YouTube channel

After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine, and as such many companies and individuals use it to promote their products, and share educational and entertaining content. Monthly visits on this video-sharing platform are close to 22 billion and viewers spend an average of 40 minutes during each session on YouTube.

Every marketer tries to get their channel more views on this platform. With the popularity of video-based content rising, more and more people are using this platform for marketing purposes. 

You might think a YouTube channel doesn’t give you any direct return on investment and that it makes more sense to meet your short-term objectives. But it lets you enhance brand awareness and helps build a community of dedicated followers that’s vital for the long-term returns they offer.

With 73% of US adults using this platform, YouTube views on your channel may feel like a bit of an uphill struggle, but these tips can help you out in that endeavor.

Create a Series of Videos

You might have noticed that some of the most popular YouTubers create a playlist containing multiple videos. But have you wondered why? There is a simple reason for this. When you watch a video in a playlist, the next video starts playing at the instance the current one ends. 

Thus, viewers can watch multiple videos at a time without touching their screen. This means they will be spending more time watching your videos, thus enhancing engagement. More viewing time for your videos also puts them higher up in the search results, so it’s a win-win situation for you.

Make Good Use of End Screens and Cards

A good measurement of audience engagement can be found in watch time. Usually, people watch your videos for a longer time if they are really interested in your content. It makes it highly likely that will check out the rest of your videos as well.

Here are a few reasons why you should use cards:

  • You can use cards to alert the viewers about another video of yours.
  • It is a small and discrete notification that does not ruin the viewer experience.
  • It is an effective way to take advantage of your high engagement rate.

Additionally, you can include end screens in your videos because:

  • They drive users to other content created by you.
  • They appear at the end of the videos, thus they don’t affect the viewer experience.
  • You can also use them to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Use Keywords in Your Descriptions

The description section for your video tells viewers and search engines more about your content. It gets you more views and also tells users what they can hope to find in your video. 

While trying to include keywords, you should be mindful not to seem too generic. Your descriptions must interest the users and satisfy SEO criteria at the same time. Therefore you need to optimize your descriptions to satisfy both criteria at the same time.

Identify Your Audience

While using YouTube for marketing you need to be choosy about your objectives and the videos that will help you achieve them. But you can’t possibly target all kinds of viewers, so you need to find your target audience.

The most important thing about your YouTube brand is the unique take it offers on your industry. So you need to be very specific while targeting viewers on this platform. Try to create a brand personality your viewers can relate you, in order to get more engagement.

Make Good Use of Metadata

YouTube’s highly advanced algorithm aims to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible, so it often suggests content that the viewers are likely to be interested in. The suggestions are based on viewing history, popularity, and well as metadata which includes descriptions, tags, and titles.

You can take advantage of the metadata factor and try to include similar wordings used by other popular videos in your descriptions and titles. Before writing the description and the title, take a moment to think about what keywords a viewer might use to search for content like yours.

In Conclusion

Increasing the number of views on your YouTube channel is not something you can do overnight unless you hire the help of a company such as UseViral. It takes time and patience. YouTube always tries to ensure its viewers get the best content, so it is wise to concentrate on growing your subscriber base first. Since they receive notifications when you upload a video, they make up a significant portion of your views. 



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