How to Spend Time with Your Family During A Pandemic

With many schools closed to curb the spread of coronavirus, and numerous parents working from home, families are spending more time together than usual. Although being together all day, every day, can present challenges, there are plenty of things that you can do to make the most of it.

Create A Routine

A routine has a way of making everyone stay calm and moving forward. Although it can take time and effort to create a routine, once established, it can reduce stress and chaos around the home. 

A set schedule provides your family with a sense of belonging and competency. It also reduces boredom and anxiety. You can create a full-day schedule or just a morning and evening routine when you need to get some work done. 

Some activity suggestions include:

  • Outdoor play
  • Reading
  • Chores
  • Free play
  • Board games
  • Educational worksheets

Share Responsibilities

With everyone at home, there are no doubt plenty of chores to be done. Come together as a family to distribute and share these activities so that every family member is contributing in some way during this period. 

If you have younger children, you can post the schedule on a wall and have everyone check off the chores on their lists by the end of the day.

Get Outdoors

Just because we are practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that we cannot get outdoors and explore. Find fun ways to be active and spend time safely outside. Do not wait for the perfect weather or for the whole family to join you. 

If you make it a fun routine, every family member will soon want to be part of it. Fresh air also has a way of clearing the head.

Get Creative

Develop fun and challenging tasks to work on as a family and encourage creativity. These activities will balance daily routines and provide growth opportunities. 

Some creative ideas include building a fort, going for an exploration walk or racing against each other. You can even create a new online game for older children that you can sell to online casinos, like SBOBET.

Limit Screen Time

With schools closed, your kids are likely getting more screen time than usual. While you might be tempted to let them spend a good part of their day glued to the screen to buy some extra peace and quiet around the home, it is not a good idea. 

For their health, it is recommended that you limit screen time so that it doesn’t replace physical activity, sleep, or other healthy behaviours. 

Social Connection

Apps and technology provide another excellent way to stay connected with people outside the home. Spare a few hours each week to video chat with family or friends to maintain close relationships until it is safe to reconnect in person after the pandemic.

COVID-19 is responsible for a lot of misfortune, but a huge advantage is that it has brought families closer. You have this opportunity to mend relationships and walk out of a pandemic transformed and strengthened as a family unit—don’t waste it. 


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Written by: Judy Rae

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