How to Throw an Amazing Engagement Party at Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is one of the three beachfront cities (together with Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach) that make up the so-called South Bay area. However, Hermosa Beach stands out for its wilder state, since it’s more common to see surfers and skateboarders over spas and fancy resorts. 


But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an amazing engagement party in this amazing location! If you like enjoying life by the beach, relaxing, and water activities, there’s no better place to celebrate.


Plus, since it’s the smallest of the three (a little over 19,000 people), you can feel at ease here. The locals are friendly, the weather is perfect (as it’s to be expected out of California) and the overall atmosphere is one of serenity. 


But what about if you want to throw an engagement party so friends and family can join in your happiness? As it turns out, if you like the laid-back style of the land, there are lots of locations and things to do. And, to give you an idea, here are a few tips:

Don’t Forget the Engagement Ring!

Well, you can’t have an engagement party without the ring! After all, you have to be certain of your partner’s feelings and plans for the future before you think about throwing a party. 


If you’re still prospecting the market for the perfect design and price, you should have a look at the sapphire and diamond ring offer. When you combine these two gemstones, you get an amazing-looking ring that stands out through its beauty of design and unique combination. Plus, sapphire is a bit more affordable than diamonds, so you may find a piece that won’t have you dig deep into your savings.

Decide on the Venue

What could be more romantic than a celebration on the beach? Well, if you want a bit more comfort, it’s best to choose a beachfront venue that serves delicious food and drinks while you and your guests enjoy the view.


You have two options in this case:

  • Look for a venue and plan everything yourselves (which can be quite energy-draining)
  • Hire one of the many local event-planning companies and let them worry about everything


Quick tip: while you may end up saving some money with the first option, it’s a lot more relaxing to go with a local event planner. They are already familiar with all the available venues and can choose one that fits your needs.

Make it a Beach Celebration

You can start the party during the day, at the beach, by inviting your friends to a session of surfing, cycling, or simply taking a romantic walk along The Strand. You can also do a bit of skateboarding or rollerblading if you enjoy this kind of activity. 


Plus, all the real estate properties along the beach are drop-dead gorgeous, so if you want to think about the future, now’s the time to wonder how it would be to own such a property. They are extremely expensive and out-of-reach for regular folks, but no one can stop you from dreaming. 


Also, if you’re more of a history buff, you can spend a romantic afternoon, admiring the unique beauty and history of Hermosa Beach. The locals are more than happy to chat your ears off about their gorgeous city and how they stand out from the rest of the beachfront properties in the US.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re just looking to enjoy the sunset with your beloved, in an intimate party of two, or you want a huge celebration with friends and family, Hermosa Beach can make it happen! The location is gorgeous and there are lots of venues for almost any kind of party – just make sure to book in advance!



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