How to Use an Instagram Bot to Get More Instagram Followers 

If you’re just starting out with Instagram for your business, or want to build your following while you sleep, then you may want to consider using an Instagram bot to handle the work for you, while you focus on other aspects of your social media marketing strategy. 

There are plenty out there to choose from, but an important thing to consider is that Instagram doesn’t particularly like these things – so you need to take certain actions to keep your account safe while you use them. 

In this blog post, we explore four main pillars of how to successfully use a bot as part of your overall strategy without creating a potential problem with your account.


  1. Don’t Automate Everything

Just because you can automate everything on an Instagram with a bot doesn’t mean you should. For the most genuine interaction, you should automate following and unfollowing, and leave things like direct messages and comments alone. Why? Things like commenting and direct messages should be unique and tailored to the account or post. 

That’s impossible to do with automation, so you must rely on generic comments and messages. People can see right through these things, and know you’re using a bot. It risks your account looking spammy, which isn’t good for building an audience or a solid brand reputation. 

Stick to using your Instagram bot to automate following and unfollowing, while you use the time you save to focus on creating quality content and genuinely engaging with your audience.


  1. Stick to One Bot at a Time

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a free trial for Instagram bots from multiple companies to see which Instagram bot you like the best before you commit. The problem comes in when you try to run more than one bot at the same time, thinking you will cover more ground in a shorter period of time. 

That’s simply not the case. Instagram is watching for what it believes to be bot and fraudulent activity, so it’s important you keep things moving at a natural pace. After trying multiple bots out, you can decide which one you want to keep using to grow your account. Using multiple automation services together could easily get your account totally banned. Don’t get greedy and try to cut too many corners.


  1. Don’t Push the Tool to the Max

It can be tempting to try to push the bot tools to the maximum, but the key to keeping your account safe is to keep all actions – automated or manual – operating at a natural speed. That means doing less than what the bot is actually capable of doing, working at a slower pace. 

If you push it too far, then Instagram may ban your account for unnatural activity.

The good thing about Instagram bots is you can tell it the kind of followers you are looking to get, so you can be sure you’re getting real followers that are part of your targeted audience. When you buy followers from a service, there’s always a chance they are fake followers, from accounts that aren’t active. 

That means you’ll never get engagement from them, and it’s a waste of time and money. When you consider this, building your audience slowly over time is much better anyway.


  1. Use the Time You Save to Create Great Content

The time you save using an Instagram bot isn’t meant to keep you running your account without any work or effort. Instead, it’s meant to help you save time on building your audience, so you can focus your efforts more on the side of things that can really make a difference in your account. 

Without great content – high-quality photos and videos – it doesn’t matter what kind of following the bot builds for you. People won’t stick around and engage with you, and that’s really what you want (and need) if you want to build a successful brand presence online.


  1. Engage with Your Audience

If someone takes the time to leave a comment or ask you a question, you should always reply to that comment. Answer any and all questions. This shows people who visit your profile (and Instagram) that you’re actively monitoring your account and using it for the intended purpose. This way, you’ll build trust and credibility with your audience and can keep the momentum going alongside the bot.

When you use an Instagram bot, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of active targets. Make sure you know who you want as followers. Think about the types of people who will like what you’re promoting – whether it’s products or services. Think about your competition and who is following them. Think about your location and target people there. 

Consider popular hashtags in your niche – including branded hashtags from the competition. These hashtags generally have the highest conversion rates. To get the most of your Instagram bot, aim for 25 to 35 active targets – that you can change at any given time.

You can safely use an Instagram bot as long as you play by the rules. Rely on it too much or in the wrong ways, and you’ll end up being considered spam – by either Instagram or your audience. In both cases, this is a bad thing that defeats the purpose. Think about Instagram as a marketing tool and use it to serve your followers more than anything else.


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