How to Write a Good Interview Report

You may have been given the assignment to conduct an interview with some people and put down a report. However, you may have no clue where to start or how to write the report entirely. Carrying out interviews may be a fun thing to do because you get the chance to travel, interact with new people, and learn different things from them.   

Also, it is a chance to grasp knowledge from the person’s experience, depending on the interview you are conducting.  After carrying out an interview, you are always expected to put down a report. Have you been asking” who can write my paper and still got no answers? What about you learn how to put down your paper? Do you know how to write an interview report? Well, if not, you have no reason to be worried. We have put together this guide to ensure that you get the assistance you need. The following are tips to assist you in writing a good interview report.

Prepare for the Interview

It is essential to prepare for the interview beforehand. It is never advisable to walk into an interview without a topic of discussion, some questions, or any idea where to begin. Like any organized student, you have to check what you require to carry out the interview successfully. Put yourself ready with the requirements in ensuring that you carry out your interview. 

First, choose the interviewee. It can be based on their qualifications or the topic of discussion. You may want to request a person who is an expert in a particular field. For instance, if you will interview someone on issues with human resource management, it is recommended that you approach someone with experience. After selecting the interviewee, decide on a date, time, and location where you will hold the interview.

You should be mentally prepared and have to listen and put down notes. You can use a voice recorder for effectiveness. Research well on multiple questions you will ask. 

Conduct a Background Research

The questions should be open-ended. Let the interviewee feel free to talk more about their personal life. People like it when they see someone interested in what they do and what they want. Make the questions look natural and not shoved down their throat for answers. Try not to be mean or offensive. Examples of questions you may ask in an interview about management:

  • For how long have you been a manager now?
  • What are your responsibilities as a manager? 
  • How do you balance your managerial responsibilities and your social life?
  • How do your subordinates say about your styles of management? 

Maintain the Interview Subject 

Although you may be tempted to ask questions on the subject of the interview, try not to overdo it. One or two is recommended, but beyond that, your interview may notice, and it could be bad for the interview. Also, make the questions simple and understandable.

Make the Materials Ready

After formulating the questions, prepare your materials for conduction the interview. These things may include a voice recorder, a Smartphone pen, paper, and a notebook. Have the contacts of the interviewee to reach out whenever you need clarification on some matters. Once the interview is done, it is advisable to appreciate them for sparing their time. 

Rehearse the Interview

You may not be well conversant with conducting interviews. Therefore, practice a lot. Rehearse the questions several times and learn how to ask the questions. It is the only way to master how to be natural during the interview. You would not want to sound tensed up and let the interviewee notice your uneasiness.  

It also helps in checking whether all the questions are ok for the interviewee. You will identify some loopholes in the issues and rectify them before the actual interview.

Plan on a Format to Apply

Once you have finished writing the notes, decide on the format to apply. If you already have a format from the instructor, you may skip this part.

Nonetheless, if it was not specified and asked to select a suitable format for yourself, you will have to decide. Two types of formats are common with writing interview reports: a question and answer style and the narrative format. Either of the formats will have some effect on how the paper will look like.

 Write Down Your Outline

The outline will assist you in arranging your paper in an attractive and readable arrangement. Most interviews, of either the narrative format or questions and answer, have a particular outline they follow. They all have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.   



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