How to Write an Excellent Essay in English

In high school and college, you will write a lot of essays. English courses require students to write several essays and to some students, this can be a daunting task. But, we are here to tell you that knowing how to write a good essay is an easy task. Like everything else in life, you do need to practice and make sure you follow instructions if you are to grow as a writer. Here are a few tips to get you going and to guide you on a few things regarding essay writing.

Develop the habit of reading other people’s work

You cannot grow as a writer if you fail to read other people’s work. Other people’s work will help you see different approaches to the same topic. They will help you learn how people develop their ideas and arguments. You cannot grow on your own. You need other people to help you grow and understand the dynamics of writing. When you read other people’s work, you understand certain small issues like essay format, citing, and referencing. In every field or profession, there will always be people who know more than you. If you are afraid to ask for help, chances are that you will remain in the position for a long time. So, get out of your comfort zone and read other people’s works. 

Manage your time

You cannot start to write your essay when you have one or two hours remaining. This is a recipe for disaster. You need to allow yourself enough time to conduct research, write a draft, write final copy, edit and proofread, and then submit. You will manage to do all these things if you manage your time well. Start writing your essays early and gather as much information as possible. Doing this will help you write an essay that meets all the requirements because you will have enough time. In case you do not have enough time to write your essay, you can get college essays for sale online

Prepare an outline immediately you choose a topic

If you are asking yourself the question of how to start an essay, here is your answer. If you have to come up with your own topic, take your time and pick an easy topic. The next step after selecting your topic is preparing an outline. An outline is a diagram of your ideas. You cannot prepare an outline without doing some research. So, take your time and research the topic you chose. Note down the points you come across as well as the arguments you develop along the way. This is a crucial process and one that you need to pay close attention to because it forms the backbone of your essay. 

Have a vocabulary repository

You cannot be a good writer if you do not have a rich repository of vocabularies. You need to dig deep, read more to help enhance and grow your vocabulary repository. With a rich vocabulary repository, you will be able to express yourself well and make it easier for your audience. For you to communicate in an effective and accurate way, you need have to read and seek to learn from others. You do not learn new vocabularies by reading the dictionaries. Well, you can but this is the longer path. Take time and read what other people write and learn how they use certain words. As long as you choose to work, you will learn and grow.

Search and Ask for Professional help

You are not a fool for recognizing your limits. In fact, the person who chooses not to ask questions and they do not know, is the fool. When you are stuck, take some time off your writing endeavors and find people with the answers. You can ask your teacher, a friend, a family member, or anyone you believe will help you. You can also seek help from essay writing service. From these platforms, you can ask a writer to write your essay or buy an essay and use it to help you understand a particular topic. When you ask for help, you set yourself up for growth because if you use the answers you get well, you will grow. You can ask for information like the scholarship essay format and have people guide you whenever you are stuck. 

Watch out for syntax, punctuation, and the tone of voice

Regardless of how good of a writer you are, if your essay has syntax errors, punctuation mistakes, and wrong tone of voice, you will fail. Before you think about that killer topic, take your time and practice your writing. Remember that you are writing so that people will read and then understand what you are trying to communicate. So, make sure your grammar is up to par. For someone who is asking what is an essay, the above sentiments are a big deal in writing. An essay is a writer’s perspective or account. Often, it will have an argument and this is what you share with your audience. So, if your grammar is wrong, you will fail. 

Start with the body then write the introduction

The question of how to write a paper can present many people with a lot of challenges. The main reason for this is that people use different strategies to arrive at the same destination. While writing an essay, some people start with the introduction, others with the body and others with the conclusion. In the end, each of these groups presents an essay for grading. There are no real or true ways of writing an essay. However, starting with the body will help you develop a clear understanding of what you will include in your introduction. There are those who will ask what is an outline’s purpose then if we are starting with the body. Well, starting with an outline helps to paint a clear path for you. 


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