Is Getting Help from Essay Writer Service Ethical?

Hiring an online essay writer service is becoming increasingly popular, with a vast majority of students worldwide either engaging in the act or know at least one person in their circle who does. You can probably find a great writer for hire right now with a simple click of a button! 

No doubt, the Web is replete with several websites, both organized and independent, claiming to offer the best deals on writing services online to intending customers. And while to the students, this is great; there continues to be a long debate in numerous academic hallways about the ethical stance of essay writer service.

Over the years, there have been several arguments for and against the use of these services, but is getting help from essay writer service really ethical?

The Argument

Medium of Learning

 Most professors argue that academic essays are designed to provide a much-needed learning experience for students to understand a subject better while also improving their essay writing skills. Still, the reality might not be that straightforward. It is already established that a good college grade makes it easier for you to be employed in the labor market post-graduation.

Therefore, if the academic essays are connected to students’ success in life, schools should help them succeed by allowing them the help they desperately need. 

Required Skill

Often, students are expected to write expertly researched and carefully worded essays on topics they have little to no knowledge of. Academic essays can be very complicated, requiring a particular set of rules students are expected to know and follow. Is it then surprising that most students would instead consult the assistance of online essay writers to get their papers created?

Several industry professionals do this. They hire online essay writers from the best writing services online expertise to work on their written pieces, technical papers, or blog articles. 

The act is even more common among celebrities, political figures, and public entities who want to prepare desirable content they may not have the time or required skills to create themselves.

Personal and Family Issues

Though not very common, many students, like regular people, go through several traumatic and challenging personal issues that make them unable to submit individually created academic papers. The death, ailment, or distress of a loved one can sometimes have a severe effect on the human mind preventing them from performing simple mundane tasks they ordinarily might have been able to do.

Why then are students thought to be immune from this stigma even though it has been proven countless times to affect all humans alike, regardless of age or class? Therefore, writers for hire are an available and effective resource point to help students manage demanding deadlines while going through challenging periods without affecting their grades.

Academic Overload

Most college graduates can definitely attest to the grueling workload of academic life. One of the most significant issues a student faces is figuring successful ways to manage too much workload with too little time. 

When measured with the fact that more and more students currently work and study, it understandable why writer for hire services continue to be popular. 

Despite the reality of this situation, many universities still frown upon the use of writers for hire, labeling students who do as ‘lazy.’

Most schools even have strict policies that bar students from seeking help from an assignment writer with penalties for breaching as high as suspension and, in some cases, expulsion. While this has been cheered on by a few, many people understand the unfair nature of this stance to students’ overall success.

While most schools and academic bodies do not have a meaningful response to most of the challenges students face, an assignment writer does. Some of the best essay writing services provide students with proof-reading and editorial services pre-submission of their work. There is also the added benefit for students who may require it to get written pieces utterly free of plagiarism. So, seeking the best writing services online could promote the quality of academics with the quality of papers they write. 


So is getting help from essay writing services unethical? The answer to this isn’t black and white and depends mainly on the circumstances around its use. While companies that provide essay writer service state their position clearly on the ethical use of their guides, it is ultimately how their clients use these papers that determine whether the lines of ethics were breached or not.

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