Jewelry artwork from the ancient Greece

We have all heard that ancient Greek jewelry craftsmanship was unparalleled in its beauty at that time and still looks magnificent in our modern days. Every time these artworks continue to astound people today with the jewelry ornamentation and virtuoso skill by ancient Greek master jewelers. It is widely known that in Greek culture the jewelry played an important part throughout various ancient periods, and in this article we are going to talk about it.

When it comes to jewelry, the ancient Greeks favored harmony and elegance above extravagance. It is easy to understand it and get the feel of it by simply looking at some remained pieces.

With Alexander the Massive’s conquests, that culminated in the establishment of a great empire, the Greeks assimilated the best features of conquered regions into Greek civilization that contributed significantly to its development of its culture. Following the invasions of Persia and other wealthy nations, the gold jewelry and knowledge of craftsmanship was researched by Greeks and gold jewelry fastly became extremely fashionable.

The filigree designs on the products of the ancient jewelry makers were at the highest possible quality with great delicate patterns and sophistication. Even to this day, it takes a great skill to create a jewelry piece on par with craftsmanship. The creation of a piece was a lengthy procedure. Small precious metal wires and bubbles were soldered to the master form to create an artwork and design on a metal surface. With such skills, they were creating all known forms of jewelry like earrings or necklaces and others. The delicate filigree with various expensive pearls and glass inserts were considered the signs of most wealthy and respected individuals. To fully understand the quality and required expertise of jewelry creation at that time, think about how these tiny artworks were sometimes only visible when seen via a magnifying glass. If nowadays we can simply look at gold ira reviews and put our life saving into it, but at this time such extravagant pieces were one of the best gold investments available.

Hair accessories

The most important pieces of jewelry at that time are for sure their renowned hair accessories like diadems and crowns. The hairstyles and headdresses worn by Greek women were extremely important to them. It was the most prominent sign of wellness and social status. The gold crowns and inlaid tiaras were the most well-known and magnificent parts of their whole collection. Many decorations were incrusted with various expensive incrustations, including pictures of gods and flowers from their own religions.


A disk with designs and tiny pendants that created soothing noises when walked were among the many popular styles of earrings worn by Greek ladies, since they highlighted attractiveness of their face as they were worn every day. And again, plant themes were very popular during that time.


Neck jewelry in the form of gold necklaces, chains, and pendants was in high demand too, both by men and women. At that time, popular designs included plant themes, such as tendrils, flowers, and buds.




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