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Esports betting is fascinating, fun, and profitable. If you are also thinking of placing your wagers on Esports, we have this exclusive guide. Here, you will learn a lot about the industry and its growth. Are you excited? Delve in!

The Rise of Esports Betting: Main Opportunities for Bettors

The world of betting is becoming rapidly popular with each passing day. More and more bettors and a great number of top Esports bookies are entering the Esports betting globe. It doesn’t matter if people love playing Esports; they enjoy betting on it. And that is why we can see higher growth in the number of bettors compared to the number of players. This evolution of the Esport betting market has benefited the bookies hugely. They have gained millions of Esport punters over the past few years, and the market has grown exponentially. If you are new to the Esports gambling world and want to know about the rise of the Esports betting market, then stay hooked until the end!

What Is Esport? General Situation in 2022

Electronic sports, abbreviated as Esports, are competitions where skilled players or teams compete against each other in playing various kinds of video games. Even though video games have been an integral part of the gaming culture, it was in the late 2000s when the trend of Esport betting came into view. Various kinds of Esports were live-streamed on several platforms, and the bettors used to place their wagers on the betting shops. There were no online bookies back in time, and the punters used to put all their stakes in local betting shops. The winnings were also cashed out from the gambling shop. But later, with the evolution of the gambling market and technology, sports betting sites were launched.

Initially, they allowed the gamblers to bet on regular sports like football, basketball, cricket, golf, etc. But soon, the makers saw a great business scope in the Esport betting market. Hence, to increase their profit margins, they introduced several Esports. And as they thought, it was a great success, and many punters got attracted to it. As a result, some of the most popular Esports games in 2022 are Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, etc.

However, according to the current market reports, the bookies need to think now. The punters are gradually getting bored of the same schemes the bookies offer and are expecting something more, which might or might not be limited to the games and bonuses. But one good thing that we have noticed about the Esports market in 2022 is that most bookies are trying to develop their apps. Mobile apps make gambling way easier, even for beginners.

Even though mobile-optimized Esports bookmakers have worked quite perfectly in recent years, punters are looking forward to mostly those bookmakers who have their app with the global rise in the app market. Betting on a mobile application is more effortless and can be done from any corner of the world!

Can Esports Betting be Profitable? Main Opportunities for Bettors and Bookmakers

Esports betting is one of the most profitable betting sectors in the world. More and more Esports punters are joining this gambling world to enjoy the thrill of placing wagers on various video games. Even people obsessed with playing or creating video games want to bet on Esports. Such crazy popularity of the sector shows that it is indeed profitable. But the main question that arises is for whom it is better – the bettors or the bookmakers? Well, what if we tell you that for both, it is profitable? Of course, the bookmaker gets a higher profit because many punters take part in Esports betting under it. But when you see the various odds and bonuses offered by the bookies, you will understand that the punters are also not running at a loss. On the contrary, they are making a great amount of profit by betting on Esports, especially because of the lucrative deals offered by the bookies. You will get loads of free bets, no deposit bonuses, and match bonuses when joining a renowned bookmaker.

The main opportunities for the bookmakers are to gain more Esports punters and retain the old ones. For doing so, they need to focus on a few primary factors. First comes the site’s security; no gambler likes to join a bookie with security issues. Second, the betting site must offer ample Esport options, without which the site will become monotonous, and no punter will stay in for long. Hence, they need to keep shuffling their game options and introduce the top Esports in the market. Another thing that bookies should focus on is the bonuses they offer. If that’s not attractive and profitable enough, they cannot stand out in the crowd of so many other betting sites.

The website or app interface should also be easy to navigate; otherwise, the player will leave the platform halfway. Lastly, the betting site must offer a great customer support team so that the punters can always lean on someone whenever they need help. If these factors are working on point, a bookie can easily become popular among gamblers and enjoy high-profit margins! Some of the Esports betting sites that you can choose for your next bet are:

  • GGBet
  • Betway
  • Thunderpick
  • Sportaza
  • Luckbox
  • Leon.bet
  • Betcasino.io
  • Winners.bet
  • Gogawi
  • Loot.bet

Now coming to the betting opportunities of the punter, of course, they get a lot of options to grab huge wins. It is all because of the close-to-accurate odds of the top Esports bookies and their bonuses. If gamblers want to enjoy the betting opportunities on profitable grounds, they need to join a renowned bookie first. The bookmaker must be secure and have many Esport options, bonuses, and multiple safe payment modes. A gambler can benefit from such bookies that check all these major factors.

As evident from the current market stats, the Esport betting market will flourish more in the coming years. Hence, there will be plenty of future opportunities for both the bettors and the bookmakers!

How Does Esports Betting Work?

If you are new to Esports betting, it’s high time you learn about the various betting options available in this gambling zone. Once you have a clear idea about the betting options, placing wagers become far easier. Have a look below to know more:

  • Real money betting: Much like in sports betting, here, too, you follow the odds shared by a bookie and wager on your best odds. If the outcome is accurate, you win or else lose. You can bet on various teams, players, etc.
  • Skin betting: This form of betting is prevalent among gamblers. In several video games, you will find virtual currencies, using which you can buy, swap, or sell items with other players. The currencies can also be used for placing bets and winning other valuable items.
  • Social betting: Social betting usually helps the gambler earn precious gambling items or skins and not real money. However, it is still a popular betting option as here you get to place the wager with your friends or acquaintances. Of course, betting with real-life or online friends can be fun, but at times, it can also create messy situations if there is any misunderstanding between the bettors. Hence, this form of betting is not highly recommended by us.
  • Challenge betting: As the name suggests, the bettors compete against each other for skin, items, or real cash here. If you choose to bet on this option on an online bookie, they will first ask you to enter the contest and pay a nominal fee for participating. It is a great betting option for those punters who have a competitive spirit and are confident of their odds. Beginners are recommended to avoid challenge betting because it requires a deeper understanding of the Esports market, which comes with experience.

We are sure you will never get bored with so many betting options. The Esports betting market mostly contains punters who like experimenting with gambling opportunities. We would also recommend you do the same, but only if you are well aware of the gaming rules and regulations. Beginners who are completely new to Esports betting should stick to the basic wagering options and then explore the advanced ones like challenge betting.

Esports – Is It Perspective? 

Indeed the Esports world is a 3D globe where you find all sorts of entertainment clamped in one space. Keeping that in mind, one could easily say that Esports is perspective. Dota 2, released by Valve in 2013, has evolved the Esports gambling market even further by attracting punters from several countries. Due to the game’s rising popularity, Valve hosted a huge Esports tournament named The International; no other Esports tournament was as large as this one. The base prize pool had a winning sum of $1.6 million, which was all arranged by Valve. After this event, Esports gained more popularity worldwide, and more video games got launched into the market.


Esports gambling is super fun but make sure you are not addicted to it. Calculate the money you can afford to spend on Esports betting and always see that you are not overspending. If you feel like you are getting addicted to the games, get in touch with a gambling addiction helpline immediately. They will be able to help you overcome your addiction and lead a healthier gambling life. Betting addiction can bring you huge losses financially and mentally. But if you play within limits, we are sure you are up for some great fun!

We are super excited to know! So if you are still wondering whether betting on an Esport will be worth it, do not waste any more time and place your wagers now. Before leaving, do not forget to share which bookie you will choose for placing your bets.

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