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Letter to the Editor 2-28-19

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Downtown Disneyland

Dear ER:

Local Offers

Let me get this right. The Hermosa Beach Public Works Department is spending $285,000 of taxpayer money to paint a giant HB logo on an already confusing and visually cluttered intersection? I’m not quite sure how this painting will increase pedestrian safety on Pier and Hermosa Avenue crosswalks. Also, painting the entrance to one of the most stunning walkways in Southern California may not be the best use of County Measure R transportation funds. The council-approved massive logo, existing multi-colored barriers and tall clock are turning the downtown area into something that resembles Disneyland. Less is more, especially when it comes to public spaces.

Elka Worner

Hermosa Beach

Falling flat

Dear ER:

This is an illegal action by the Redondo Beach city council [“Redondo approves new ‘Granny flat’ laws,” ER Feb. 21, 2019]. State law is specific on what it allows regarding auxiliary dwelling units. The Redondo law is far more restrictive than the State law. Since state law supersedes local law, the state rules on ADUs should be the governing standard for these types of dwellings. Get ready to be sued by the state and property owners in Redondo.

Octavio Girbau

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Not your granny

Dear ER:

Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan are way too overcrowded now. Cities should have the right to set density limits in their towns [“Redondo approves new ‘Granny flat’ laws,” ER Feb. 21, 2019]. These accessory dwelling units will be future Airbnb units and not in-law or granny flats. Parking is going to be a joke, as well.

Eduardo Garcia-Rojas

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Dear ER:

Last week’s response by Bob Holmes to my letter to the editor (“Woman of Integrity,” ER, Letters Feb. 7, 2019) entitled “Counterpunch” misses the mark when it comes to getting the facts right, and belies his true motives in authoring this letter. Holmes continues to write several letters to our local papers, even paying for a full page ad, and he has given maximum campaign donations to his slate of two [in the upcoming Manhattan Beach election]. So, why is he so invested in this election? Did you know that the candidate he so desperately supported in our last election, accepted a maximum donation from a short-term vacation rental PAC. Perhaps his slate of two will provide the majority needed to remove the ban? And, possibly approve the billion-dollar boondoggle desalination plant?

While Holmes was on Council, they spent over $11 million in today’s dollars on a Downtown Beautification Plan. Now that’s truly ridiculous. The fact is that the Specific Plan adopted unanimously by our City Council was designed to protect and preserve the small town village atmosphere of our Downtown. And, the actual cost for the PMC/MBI DTSP contract was $297,353, with total funds spent being $458,552. That’s $10,570,300 less than what Holmes spent, for a mere facelift.

I am running for my second term independent of any other candidate, strictly non-partisan.

Mark Burton

(Former mayor)

Manhattan Beach

Million dollar candidates

Dear ER:

There are nine million reasons to vote for Redondo Beach District 3 Council Candidate Candace Nafissi, District 5 candidate Mel Samples and City Treasurer Eugene Solomon. All three stood against buying out of the wasteful, $9 million Fun Factory lease, against the Mall by the Sea the

size of five Walmarts and forewarned against entering into a business relationship with CenterCal which has ultimately resulted in a $15 million lawsuit.

Nafissi will be the one to count on to stop the Green Line from coming through your backyard. Samples, as your current Budget and Finance commission chair, will bring a vote for financial stability. No more wasteful wasteful lease buyouts, which don’t have appraisals done. Instead,

those funds will end up in your roads, parks and public safety.

Solomon has proven and to be a financial watchdog, stopping a wasteful, no-bid $750,000 per year contract that was a political payoff.

Nils Nehrenheim

Redondo Beach District 1 City Councilman

Good Diels

Dear ER:

I have known Redondo City Treasurer Steve Diels for several years. I find him to be careful and responsible about our city’s finances. He has kept actual expenditures under budget every year of his tenure. He actually did reduce his own City Treasurer’s salary from $116,000 to $25,000, making it comparable to our neighboring beach cities. His opponent in the city treasurer’s race,  Eugene Solomon, was ordered by Los Angeles court to amend his false and misleading statements regarding our city finances on his ballot statement [“Judge orders Solomon to change ballot text for Redondo Treasurer election,” ER Jan.3, 2019].

Laura McCoy

Redondo Beach

Me for 3

Dear ER:

Redondo Beach residents deserve to live in a safe, quiet town. One where we share our beach, harbor, our top-rated schools, and enjoy all of the music, culture and activities that make living in this vibrant area so great. Over-development and poor fiscal decisions supported by my opponent have impacted every resident. The city is being sued for $15 million because my opponent voted to prematurely sign a 99-year lease that is now tied up in litigation. His pro-development voting record is your best guide to his values and is your best indicator as to how he will vote on future development projects. Whether or not you agreed with the waterfront development, stopping the mall represents my ability to effectively motivate and inform residents. I stood with you as we fought the adding of 600 condos on the power plant site and I will continue to fight for you.

As the slow growth candidate I will focus on stopping over-development, curbing traffic, fiscal responsibility, and ensuring the green line doesn’t operate in your backyards. I am proudly endorsed by Supervisor Janice Hahn, U.S. Congressional Representative Ted Lieu, Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand, Councilmembers Todd Loewenstein and Nils Nehrenheim.

Candace Allen Nafissi

Redondo Beach

Powell back

Dear ER:
We need to re-elect Wayne Powell to the Manhattan Beach City Council. Everyone around town knows him as a longtime volunteer for practically every community organization. It’s his Eagle Scout background.

Among Powell’s many council accomplishments are allowing public comments at the beginning of City Council meetings and removing the  time limit so everyone has an opportunity to speak, initiating the Mayor’s Town Hall meetings and Mayor’s Walk ‘n Talks, installing vehicle intrusion prevention posts on the pier,a  Campaign Finance Transparency ordinance, a Drone Safety and Privacy ordinance, free Internet at all city facilities, smoking prohibition on the Strand and Greenbelt, expanding older adult and youth programs, co-founding the city’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, saving our vital offshore sand, and strongly supporting our schools.

As an Accountant and CFO, Powell maintained vigorous financial oversight to ensure taxpayer dollars were spent wisely (contrary to false claims by an opponent). Powell’s leadership included balanced budgets without any tax increases.

He voted against closing City Hall on alternating Fridays, opposed spending on unnecessary consultants, opposed spiraling management salary range increases, voted to cap the total number of employees, voted to achieve pension reform and voted to prohibit short-term rentals.

Powell is a common sense, independent voice who listens to residents and has earned our vote.

Beatriz Gomes

Manhattan Beach

Puppy love

Dear ER:

Thank you to the great people of East Manhattan who helped  in searching for our lost puppy “Luna.” Never giving up hope, we (and so many concerned neighbors) searched relentlessly for three days, to be rewarded by finding “Luna” sunning herself on a neighbors backyard lounge chair. I’m a 37 year resident of East Manhattan Beach. People can talk about community — we are. Thank you.

Gordon Miller

Manhattan Beach


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