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Letters to the Editor 11-16-17

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Sharrows point the way

Dear ER:

Thank you Manhattan Beach City Council (“Bicycle sharrows, routes to be added citywide in Manhattan Beach,” ER Nov. 9, 2017). Sharrows and bike signs are a significant step forward for the city and definitely not the last step in the journey to make our region safer and more bikeable.

Todd Dipaola

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Mumbled message

Dear ER:

Painting sharrows on the pavement and putting up poorly worded signs that together vaguely confirm cyclists’ preexisting right to be in the street is not a bold or significant step (“Bicycle sharrows, routes to be added citywide in Manhattan Beach,” ER Nov. 9, 2017). Cyclists merely want the city to properly defend their existing right to safely ride their bikes on the street.

Peter Flax

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Art of deception

Dear ER

Why does Easy Reader persist in pandering to greedy out-of-state developer CenterCal by reprinting outdated promotional artwork for their version of the future Seaside Lagoon (“City severs CenterCal lease agreement,” ER Nov. 9, 2017)? Doesn’t fairness dictate that you also print a picture of the massive, multi-story parking structures they planned to build over Harbor Drive? And look closely at that fantastically unrealistic “rendering” again. Do you see many people of color?

Brian Hittelman

Redondo Beach


Muddy water

Dear ER:

As a former lifeguard and manager of Seaside Lagoon (Marine Park) the proposal to open the lagoon to the harbor would make it basically like Seal Beach, with dirty water from the marina settling on the shore. (“Waterfront Development CenterCal lease agreement severed,” ER Nov. 9, 2013) Whose stupid idea is this?

John Joseph


Better than Conde Nast

Dear ER

While waiting at the doctor’s office for my husband to conclude his check-up, I explored the magazine table and saw New Yorker and Vogue magazines. Then my eyes caught Easy Reader/Beach magazine. It had been left open to page 22, the story about Ron and Joan Arias. (“Joan and Ron: A love story,” ER/Beach Nov. 2, 2017). It merited my devoted interest. It added so much to the definition of love for one’s fellow man. The Arias’  love for constructive adventure offered hope for many.  

Dora Perez-Meyer



Joan of art

Dear ER:

What a beautiful tribute, both to Joan and to her husband Ron (“Joan and Ron: a love story,” ER Nov. 9, 2017). Joan would be so pleased to read these words about herself and her husband. She was a remarkable and wonderful woman.

Carol Colfer

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Court appeal

Dear ER

As a third generation South Bay native, I enjoy nothing more than to read about local high school athletes excelling (Staying the Course: Mira Costa’s Xavier Court,” ER/Beach Nov. 9, 2017). It’s what I look forward to reading every time I walk to the curb to pick up Easy Reader. Interestingly, I was told by one of my grandkids that there was a sophomore sprinter last year at Redondo High named Anthony Z. (I don’t know how to spell his last name). ln Redondo’s 112 year history the all time 100 meter record is 10.82. Mira Costa’s record is 10.94. This kid Anthony did a 10.83 last year as a sophomore. I’m too old to go to the track meets, They are too long. But I love to read how kids like Anthony are erasing these very old records?  

Stephen Green

Redondo Beach



Dear ER:

Undaunted. Appreciation, thankfulness, and respect for Hermosa Beach invigorates my heart and populates my thoughts while decompressing the aftermath of our City Council election. Sun setting, the vote takes nearly one month, vote by mail and election day punch cards tallied together determine the winners. Turnout was unexpectedly low, not helpful to our democracy, and worthy of future discussion. Apathy negates moderate solutions to real problems or political desires. In other words, not enough Hermosa voters voted, underrepresenting the electorate, exacerbating  potential division. Undaunted by results, esprit de corps remains intact. Promising steadfast leadership, populist audits of council agenda, prioritize actionable and deliverable solutions, visible and usable use of tax dollars, and invigorating a passionate sense of urgency signify my brand of helpfulness. Careful study, selective listening, mindful awareness, commingled and appropriately administered, are preferred methods practiced aimed at keeping council tracking to building betterment. Campaign debate questions and media coverage centered on fixing Hermosa’s aging infrastructure, sewer reconstruction, safe school routes, business friendly policies, pier plaza, greenbelt enhancements, police/fire, and targeted business code enforcement. Traction has taken grip with the silent majority. Pressing for resolute dutiful outcomes will remain my top advocacy. Winning elections requires running for office. While I may have been defeated, I have not lost. Increased confidence and illuminated fundamentals rightfully infused me. Battling the good and necessary fight gently pulling Hermosa to the salient right is honorable. Hermosa “first” siren song sings clearly in the hearts and minds of many.

Trent Bernard Larson

Hermosa Beach       


Go Joe

Dear ER:
Vice President Joseph Biden was a very inspirational speaker at the Distinguished  Speaker Series in Redondo Beach last month.(“Former Vice President Biden targets Trump in ‘battle of soul of the nation,’” ER/Beach Nov. 9, 2017). He is right. We need to get back to talking with the opposite party and working alongside each other, as politicians and as individual members of society.

Simone Caffo

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